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Fruit Crochet Coasters Free Pattern

Appliques and Decors

One of the easiest ways to crochet fruit is to crochet circles in the colors of fruit slices. These circles can become a variety of items, the simplest of which is a coaster. These fruit-inspired crochet coasters designed by Marinke Slump for CraftTuts+ are a great beginner's crochet project. You can vary the colors to get different fruits; for example, use the lemon coaster crochet pattern with green yarn for a lime coaster.Fruit Crochet Coasters Free Pattern

Tutti Frutti Potholders from Tuts Plus

Crochet Cactus Coasters Free Pattern

While most of the crochet cactus patterns on this list are amigurumi-style, this one has a different approach. It's a set of crochet coasters, so the cactus is really just a green circle crochet in the round and decorated with white embroidery stitches for thorns. However, you'll then add a tiny three dimensional crochet flower to the top of each coaster. When you stand them up inside of the pot that you crochet, they look three-dimensional as though you've worked with amigurumi. None of the stuffing, all of the design flair.Crochet Cactus Coasters Free Pattern

Crochet Cactus Coasters Free Pattern

The Simplest Crochet Flower Pattern

This really is The Simplest Crochet Flower Pattern you can find out there. Not only is it amazingly easy to work up, but it's also simple to attach to other things and finish off with a button. Go from cute and simple to snazzy and pretty with just a few steps, and you have completely remastered your simple crochet flower. Do anything you want with this crochet flower embellishment, since you could even whip up a whole batch of them in just a few hours.The Simplest Crochet Flower Pattern

Click here for crochet pattern

Scandinavian Heart Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

If you love making crochet hearts, you will surely enjoy making these Crochet Heart Coasters. They are made in a circle or heart shaped, with pretty lace details to form tiny hearts around the edge. The Heart Coaster Free Crochet Pattern makes a lovely handmade gift for Valentine's Day, and it is quick to make. Multi-purpose Heart coaster that could be used all year long. You can make your crochet heart coasters in a single colour, or as many colors as you wish. You can use any yarn weight and matching hook you have in your stash. We have included both free and paid pattern below. Choose the pattern below to get started. Thanks below designers for sharing these crochet patterns. The link for the pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting.

Scandinavian Heart Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

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Scandinavian Heart Coaster

Fruit Crochet Patterns

SkyMagenta is an amigurumi crochet pattern designer who has a large number of food patterns. This pattern is for chocolate fondant but it includes a range of different skewered fruits to "dip" into the play chocolate. This pattern, sold on Etsy, includes crochet bananas, kiwi, strawberries, cherries, apples, peaches, and grapes.Fruit Crochet Patterns

Fruit Crochet from SkyMagenta

Amigurumi Oranges Free Crochet Pattern

One cute idea for crochet food is to make yourself a fruit bowl for decoration. This can be displayed on coffee tables or in the kitchen. You can make all of the fruit one type, such as the oranges displayed in this pattern by Tisha LeBreton, or you could make a bowl of all different types of fruits.Amigurumi Oranges Free Crochet Pattern

Oranges from Tisha LeBreton