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Pokemon Look Alike Eevee Plush

Join in the Pokemon resurgence with this crochet Pokemon Look Alike Eevee plush. This easy crochet pattern will show you how to work up your very own feisty Eevee amigurumi. Using the crochet magic circle technique and single crochet stitches, your crochet Eeve will work up before your eyes. You'll make each body part separately and then sew it all together, and then you'll use felt circle for the eyes. This is the perfect gift for any young Pokemaster out there, so if you're looking for a special birthday present or just a little something just because, this crochet Eevee look-alike plush won't disappoint!

Pokemon Look Alike Eevee Plush

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Eevee Amigurumi Crochet Pattern By Ami Amour

Here's a pattern for chibi Eevee amigurumi that's so foxy and cute! What's unique about the design of Eevee Amigurumi is that she has the ability to both sit or stand!

She can sit on her behind or stand on all fours. You can also crochet a Pokeball Pod for her as well!Eevee Amigurumi Crochet Pattern By Ami Amour

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Eevee Crochet Pattern By Shea Crochetxx

Eevee - its ability to evolve into many forms allows it to adapt smoothly and perfectly to any environment.

This is a 12-page pattern to help you create your own Eevee! It contains step-by-step pattern instructions, as well as numerous photos to help you with sewing and details.Eevee Crochet Pattern By Shea Crochetxx

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Pokemon Umbreon Amigurumi

Now you can crochet your own Umbreon Amigurumi! Turn to the dark side with this free crochet Umbreon pattern! Umbreon is the dark Eeveelution when levelled up by friendship at night. Why not add him to your pokemon crochet team? Materials Needed: Black yarn (red heart supersaver), yellow yarn (light, shiny), 4.0mm crochet hook, fiber fill stuffing, felt pieces for eyes. Difficulty: Easy/ Beginner Tips: Be sure to stuff the limbs generously so that Umbreon can stand upright on it's own.

Pokemon Umbreon Amigurumi

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Lickitung Pokemon Crochet Pattern By Pokemon Challenge

To make this doll toy, you will have a good understanding of crocheting amigurumi. De doll parts are made in spiral rounds.

This Lickitung Pokemon will be about 15 cm (6 inches) high and 12 cm (5 inches) wide, a great gift for any Pokemon lover!

Lickitung Pokemon Crochet Pattern By Pokemon Challenge

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Theo Bunny No Sew Amigurumi Pattern

One of the main reasons I stay away from crochet amigurumi toys is because I just simply hate sewing all the separate parts together. No matter how hard I try to sew it together at the perfect positions to make it all even and matching? It somehow always ends up with crooked arms or legs! That's exactly why I decided to design a toy that does what it says on the tin- no sewing required! This is a completely no sew crochet bunny toy that is worked in one continuous piece. You start at the feet and finish at the ears all in one piece.

Theo Bunny No Sew Amigurumi Pattern

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