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Blue Skies Granny Squares Baby Blanket

"This blue skies granny squares baby blanket uses three complimenting colors for this lovely little blanket. Finish the look with an easy crochet border. I love making granny squares. Twenty Granny Squares to a Beautiful Baby Blanket This entire blanket is made from granny squares that use two different colors. The first color is worked for the first four rounds. The second color is worked for two rounds. There are ten of each granny square for a total of 20 squares. On the Go Pattern A granny square pattern can be worked on just about anywhere. They are small enough to stash inside a pretty bag with the yarn and your crochet supplies. Then when you have enough made, just seam them together. The granny square is one of the most easy and versatile crochet patterns around. "Blue Skies Granny Squares Baby Blanket

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Aurora Skies Ribbed Baby Blanket

A lovely unisex baby blanket pattern with a lot of texture! Using the front and back post double crochet stitches as well as the faux knit stitch for the border. Video stitch tutorial included on the website to help with the stitches. Made with the Lion Brand Mandala yarn which is a lovely gradient self-striping yarn. Could be made with any size yarn and is easily customizable to any size blanket. A nice and easy repetitive stitch pattern.Aurora Skies Ribbed Baby Blanket

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Blue Agate Granny Square Crochet Blanket

This blue agate crochet blanket was a joy to make. The process of crocheting each square, joining them, and adding a beautiful crochet border is so relaxing.This is the second granny square blanket of a 6 part series on a few easy, yet pretty crochet edges that can be added to the throws. I will have both written directions and video tutorials for each one. Enjoy creating your own beautiful blankets using this series. Square One Consists of four rounds of Deft Blue and two rounds of Charcoal. Square Two consists of four rounds of Light Blue and two rounds of Dusty Grey.Why Blue Agate Crochet Blanket? My dear mother-in-law grew up in Upper Michigan near the shores of Lake Superior. You can walk the beaches and find beautiful gem stones in the cold, clear water. The town she lived in used to be a booming mining town. We would go there and go Agate searching each summer. The crochet borders on this throw remind me of those beautiful gems.Blue Agate Granny Square Crochet Blanket

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Touch of Teal Afghan

The Touch of Teal Afghan… This is a super easy crochet pattern using only front loop single crochet and back loop double crochet to create the base… The edging is a simple shell pattern. Using a super bulky yarn, this really goes quickly!!! This is a perfect project to make while watching Tv.. Also this makes a perfect gift and will look great in any room of the house!! I used Michael’s Loops and Threads Country Loom Yarn in Clear Skies.Touch of Teal Afghan

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Glorious Springtime Blanket Crochet Pattern

"The glorious springtime blanket is another version of the new springtime soft shells crochet blanket pattern. Change up the crochet edge to create a completely different look. This pattern also uses two versions of the v stitch to achieve a beautiful look and feel. This pattern is a four-row repeat to create the luxurious crochet pattern.Each row is starts with a Chainless starting stitch. For instance, use the Chainless Double Crochet rather than a Chain 3. Use the Chainless Single Crochet rather than a Chain 1.The foundational row uses the No Chain Double Crochet rather than a chain of stitches and row of double crochet. For your convenience, here is a video on the No Chain Double Crochet Stitch. Use Stitch Markers after each four-row repeat. This will help be able to tell what row pattern you are on when you pick your work back up. There are video tutorials to help with the entire crochet pattern."Glorious Springtime Blanket Crochet Pattern

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