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Crochet Raspberry Crumble Hat

This crochet raspberry crumble hat looks like a fairytale dream due to the combination of its pretty and cute colors. Your little girls are going to fall in huge love with this crochet crumble raspberry hat. The added pom poms ball at the top adds oodles of charm and beauty to the hat. You can follow the detailed pattern here! fiberflux

Crochet Raspberry Crumble Hat

Pink Pom Cable Beanie Crochet Pattern

The cute thing about this lovely pink pom pom cable beanie crochet hat is the color combination that it comes with. The pink and grey color combination looks just so perfect and cute to make this pretty and girly beanie crochet hat. The cable stitch really makes this beanie hat look cute with that pom pom at the back. How to here!Pink Pom Cable Beanie Crochet Pattern

Tutorial: idealme

Chunky Cabled Hat

This gorgeous chunky cabled hat has everything that a girl looks for a crochet hat to look stylish and stay warm. The pretty chunky cabled hat is so pretty and fun to make with that thickness in the pattern.  That cute ball of the yarn at the top of the hat also adds oodles of charm to the hat. Details here!Chunky Cabled Hat

Tutorial: ravelry

Child’s Crochet Hat Pattern

Here is the idea of making the coolest crochet hat pattern with appealing colors and a pretty pattern. The hats are crocheted with the cable stitch, and this is why the hats have turned out to be so extraordinary and gorgeous. That pom poms ball adds more charm and beauty to the hat, so do not forget to add that. Pattern with complete details here! makeanddocrew

Child’s Crochet Hat Pattern

Bean Stitch Beanie

We all love beans and now we are surely going to fall in love with these bean stitch beanie hats too. The gorgeous bean stitch is adding so much to the beauty and style of the hat and making it look so pretty and cool. Also, the pom pom ball at the end is adding so much to its beauty and appeal. Details here!Bean Stitch Beanie

Tutorial: cookiesnobcrochet

Everyday Pom Pom Beanie

"Learn how to crochet a basic beanie! The Everyday Crochet Beanie is the perfect, easy crochet beanie that will become a staple in your fall and winter wardrobe. The Everyday Beanie features a ribbed fold over brim, a tapered head and is topped off with a yarn pom pom! You can also leave off the pom pom entirely for a minimalist and simple beanie :) This crochet beanie pattern has seven different sizes – preemie, baby, toddler, child, tween, adult small and adult large – so you can make a beanie for everyone in the family! There is also a step-by-step video tutorial."Everyday Pom Pom Beanie

Click here for the crochet pattern