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Modern Crochet Dish Towel Topper

It's the dish towel toppers we never knew we always needed. With a modern twist on a classic favorite, these towel topper are EASY and QUICK. They are great for using up scrap yarn and for giving as housewarming or holiday gifts. When you don't have time to crochet an entire set of dishtowels, these modern toppers allow you to generously give a useful gift with a handmade touch. There are plenty of pictures to help you every step of the way and you'll have a stack of these whipped up in no time!Modern Crochet Dish Towel Topper

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Easter Bunny Towel & Washcloth Set

Ever since designing my very first character Christmas towel in 2019, (the Snowman Kitchen Towel), I’ve wanted to design other character towels to celebrate all of the holidays. The Easter Bunny Crochet Hand Towel & Washcloth Set was designed to add a little fun, crochet decor to your home for the Easter Season. YARN Cotton is the go-to fiber for crochet dish cloths, dish towels, and hand towels as it’s the most absorbent. There are several cotton yarns out there that would be perfect for this project, but I chose to use Lily Sugar n’ Cream 100% worsted weight cotton yarn. Lily Sugar n’ Cream is available in 39 colors so I was able to find all of the colors I needed for this project within the same yarn line.Easter Bunny Towel & Washcloth Set

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Vintage Dress Potholders & Dish Soap Dress

To begin with, here is a vintage-looking, traditional dish soap dress set. While they are very classic, they are also perfect for adding a timeless touch to a modern interior.Vintage Dress Potholders & Dish Soap Dress

The full tutorial about this pattern you will find on Youtube:

Classic 10 Point Hot Pad Free Crochet Pattern

If you love crochet, you don’t need to buy a plain old pot holder. You can crochet flower pot holder. It is both decorative and functional. It also makes a great housewarming or add-on gift for the holidays.  Crochet potholders can be made in elaborate detail so you can show off your most advanced crochet skills. This free pattern is just gorgeous. They can be created in any number of different styles, and are a handmade treat that adds a personal touch to your gift giving. Protect yourself and your countertops with colorful and homemade crochet pot holder.Classic 10 Point Hot Pad Free Crochet Pattern

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Classic 10 Point Hot Pad

Mandala Placemat Free Crochet Pattern

If you are looking for the perfect housewarming gift or just a nice way to personalize your table, the Mandala Placemat Free Crochet Pattern is for you. A single colored placemat is easy to crochet with focus on the structure of the stitches. It’s amazing how much little details can enhance the look of your home. Crochet placemats are often rectangular but they don’t have to be. You can put a unique twist on the style at your dinner table by using these round placemats instead. They are also functional; they help to protect your table (or other surfaces) from spills, scratches and scrapes. Thanks Fille Wegler, Hortense and Kajsa Hubinette for sharing these free crochet patterns. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo.  Happy crocheting.Mandala Placemat Free Crochet Pattern

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Mandala Placemat