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Beginner Squishy Crochet Blanket

Beginner Squishy Crochet BlanketThis blanket is perfect for beginner crocheters or anyone who wants a super easy pattern! The pattern is written to make a blanket that's perfect for a baby, but it's easy to adjust the pattern to make it any size that you'd like. The yarn used adds a great texture and it's so soft! The colors are gender neutral which are perfect for any baby blanket that you need to make. Enjoy this beautiful and super simple pattern!

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Squishy Beginner Baby Blanket

This super easy crocheted blanket is a perfect project for beginners or anyone who is wanting an easy blanket pattern! The texture of the yarn gives it a unique look and it's so soft and squishy. The pattern is written to make the size of a baby blanket, but you can easily adjust it to make any sized blanket that you'd like! Enjoy this easy, gender neutral blanket and feel free to get creative and add tassels or poms to the ends!

Squishy Beginner Baby Blanket

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Soft And Sweet Textured Velvet Crochet Blanket

"This soft and sweet textured velvet crochet blanket feels like it should be used in an expensive hotel SPA. Use modern crochet stitches paired with Bernat Baby Velvet yarn to crochet this luxurious throw. Soft and Squishy Afghan The combination of front post double crochet and back post double crochet paired with this silky yarn create a soft and squishy Afghan. When my daughter ran her hands across this blanket, she snuggled her face against the yarn. She said the fluffy and soft blanket was the plushest feeling one yet. We think it is because of the added texture created by the crochet stitches and the fluffy yarn. Pair this bulky yarn with the right stitch and you have a winner. The pattern is a two-row repeat consisting of a row of single crochet, which ads a bit of stability to the entire project. The next row uses a special stitch pattern alternating the front post double crochet and back post double crochet stitches."Soft And Sweet Textured Velvet Crochet Blanket

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Easy Chevron Blanket

Easy Chevron BlanketThis easy chevron crochet blanket is perfect for baby or make it bigger for an adult size! It's perfect for gender neutral colors or you can customize it for a boy or girl. This afghan makes a great baby shower gift and is perfect for babies because the pattern has no holes, so it is safe for little fingers and toes. The pattern is beginner friendly and calls for 4 skeins of worsted weight yarn and a size I9 crochet hook.

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Cuddle Soft Baby Blanket

This free baby afghan pattern gives you the sweetest little cuddle soft baby blanket. Work up this blanket as a gift for a baby shower or just a present for the little one in your life. Choose a color based on the gender of the newborn or do a gender-neutral blanket if it's a surprise. Red Heart Baby yarn is used to work up this blanket in rows while the border is worked in rounds. Front post double and back post double crochet stitches make up this blanket.Cuddle Soft Baby Blanket

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Squishy Home Blanket Crochet Pattern

Squishy Home Blanket Crochet PatternThis Squishy Home Blanket is a crochet pattern that comes with two sizes. The pattern includes a standard throw sized blanket (50″x60″) and an extra large size (66″x78″). The extra large size comfortably covers your entire body making it the ultimate blanket!

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