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Touch of Southern Warmth

Touch of Southern WarmthYou'll love how easy it really is to make the Touch of Southern Warmth blanket! The Bernat Blanket yarn is simply amazing and you'll be surprised at how quick the project actually grows. While I designed this project with a "guy" in mind, simply changing the colors will totally make it a girly project too! Just pick out your yarn and get started! It would make a great housewarming gift, Christmas Present, or even something to keep for yourself!

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Crochet Blanket “Christmas Present”

  • Designed by Justina Kirkwood

This incredible Christmas blanket by Justina Kirkwood on the pictures below is the ultimate granny ripple project. It will make a really stunning present for your loves ones, for instance for your baby's first Christmas or for a Mom - to - be. The finished size is 117 cm/ 46 in x 77 cm/ 30 in.

Crochet Blanket “Christmas Present”

Photo by Justina Kirkwood /

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Easy Crochet Baby’s First Christmas Blanket

Christmas…what a wonderful time of the year! And I have the perfect blanket pattern for you to make for your baby's first Christmas at home. Cover your baby with all your love in this warm and cozy baby afghan crocheted with a plaid pattern and candy cane border. I designed this Christmas baby blanket to be easy and quick to make, perfect as a baby shower gift or Christmas present. The green, red and white plaid blanket pattern, along with the candy cane border, fits perfectly in your Christmas decorated home. It looks like Christmas confetti scattered on a table!"Easy Crochet Baby’s First Christmas Blanket

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3 Hour Afghan

What is the quickest afghan you have ever made? Try this 3 Hour Afghan and you will be surprised at how quick it grows. You might take a little more time if you want it bigger, but I assure you that it will grow super quick. The chunky yarn, the huge hok, the easy stitch pattern, all these make it the perfect Afghan for a last minute gift. Made with the Bernat Blanket yarn, it is as squishy as it gets.

3 Hour Afghan

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Percy Baby Blanket Crochet pattern

"The Percy Pig baby blanket has been on my list for a while to do and i really love how the pattern has turned out with all those cute little piggy faces! It did take some time trying to get the ears and the nose right though mind you but after changing it a couple of times i am actually really happy how this turned out even though it ended up a lot bigger then what i originally planned! For this crochet filet blanket pattern i used Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran for the main part of the blanket in the color Paper White, this is a filet crochet blanket pattern meaning the crochet pattern is worked in double crochet stitches and chain spaces to create a design like this, this is quite an easy pattern to follow and i have added an extra bonus in the paid pattern that will make it much quicker to work up instead of reading the pattern line by line."Percy Baby Blanket Crochet pattern

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Mulberry Throw Pattern

Mulberry Throw PatternThis blanket was actually meant to be a baby blanket, but I loved it so much I just made it bigger and kept it for myself. It's a thick and heavy blanket that's so perfect for snuggling into to watch a movie or read a book, which I do a lot of during the Fall/Winter. It's a super easy crochet blanket, but it feels luxurious. It would be an amazing Christmas present if you're looking for something that feels high-end, but it still has a special handmade quality to it. It does use a lot of yarn since there isn’t much in each skein, but I think that the wow-factor you get is totally worth it.

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