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Hug a Friend Square

Hug a Friend SquareRecently, many of my fellow Red Heart Joy Creators got together to make a beautiful afghan for our friend Allison from Red Heart Yarn. Each of us designed a 12" square and then we sent them off to a team member to join them. This lovely afghan was then given to Allison for a fun wedding gift! I love being a part of the Red Heart Yarns Joy Creators. One reason is because we all love to crochet, and this was one of our first group activities. The Hug a Friend Square is a fun and whimsical 12" square made using Chic Sheep Yarn in 3 colors. I hope you enjoy making it too, because this was one of my favorite blocks in my free pattern library.

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Chic Sheep Day Dream Blanket

Chic Sheep Day Dream BlanketHaving my own yarn line has always been my dream. When Red Heart gave me the opportunity for that dream to come true I was elated. Now that I have my dream I wanted to make your crochet dreams come true with this beautiful corner-2-corner heirloom Chic Sheep Day Dream Blanket. Choose the color place of your choice, or use the pattern I used, and play around with all 24 colors of Chic Sheep. Chic Sheep by Marly Bird is 100% Merino Wool.

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Sheep Granny Square Blanket

"A gorgeously textured and cute sheep squared circle. Worked in the round throughout the sheep face and body, then squared and the squares are sewn together at the end. Two patterns included - one for the sheep square and one for the squared circle. Mix and match for the perfect blanket! Easier than it looks - the sheep body is made with fuzzy yarn worked in unused front loops from the circle. No hunting stitches! Ears, legs and buttons for eyes are crocheted separately and sewn on at the end. Nose and mouth are embroidered creating a cute and whimsical lamb face. So many ways to use this square - make pillows, bags and so much more! "Sheep Granny Square Blanket

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Chic Modern Mosaic Blocks Throw

Get a Free Crochet Blanket pattern will have you dropping all your other WIP's to make this throw. The Chic Modern Mosaic Blocks Throw pattern is a fun project to crochet. Made with two colors of worsted weight washable merino yarn, this afghan can be made to match any home decor. I love to crochet blankets but I find that I get bored easily. With the mosaic blocks crochet stitch I couldn't wait to see how the next repeat would look. The stitch pattern combined with the softness of the yarn made for this to be a very enjoyable project. The stitch pattern uses simple stitches but in a unique way which makes this an intermediate pattern but I think with a little patience a beginner crocheter can make this blanket.

Chic Modern Mosaic Blocks Throw

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Rainbow Chic Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The blanket is great as a bedspread for the bedroom. Beautifully blends with white bedding. It's a fantastic combination. Is a wonderful decorative element in every bedroom. This is a free pattern. You can add colorful fringes for a better effect or give them up completely. For work choose Red Heart Chic Sheep by Marly Bird yarn. Good luck!Rainbow Chic Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Today I found a wonderful blanket to decorate your home. It is a rainbow of colors that is joyful and beautiful. I love this type of project. They are interesting and very effective.

Rainbow Chic Blanket Free Crochet Pattern is here

Tumbling Blocks Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

Tumbling Blocks Crochet Blanket Free Pattern This free crochet blanket pattern uses very simple stitches. However, it also uses very strategic color changes. The result is a design that creates the illusion of 3D blocks. It's an impressive design, one that you will be thrilled you can create with your own two hands.

Tumbling Blocks Pattern from Kat Li via Ravelry