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Wheelchair Lapghan Pattern

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Wheelchair Lapghan PatternThis easy crochet pattern is a nice gesture to make for nursing homes for those in wheel chairs. Worsted weight yarn was used to keep this blanket nice and cozy. This will keep you or a friend warm. Use a favorite color for a great personalized gift, or use a mix of colors for a fun spark of color.

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Unforgettable Hazel Birthday Blanket Lapghan

Unforgettable Hazel Birthday Blanket LapghanUnforgettable Hazel 100th Birthday Blanket/Lapghan designed as a birthday gift for my husbands Nanny. Wheelchair sized lapghan blanket crochet pattern. Lightweight, and soft, lots of texture from the variety of crochet stitches used, and beautiful roving colour changes from the Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable acrylic yarn in Tidal, you will need 3 skeins for this project. This yarn will give the blanket a lovely silky feel and a gorgeous drape that will not overwhelm whoever you want to make it for.

Crochet Peephole Chevron Lapghan Pattern

Using the classic chevron pattern, I designed this solid color lapghan that you can work up quickly and keep your lap warm when working at a desk or sitting in your favorite chair. It is also a wonderful pattern to work for someone who is in a wheelchair and doesn't need the full size afghan. I decided to use the peephole chevron stitch for this pattern because I wanted something with more drape and that felt a little more open. Since I was using one color and a super soft yarn, I wanted to have those peepholes in the pattern to give it a bit of interest.Crochet Peephole Chevron Lapghan Pattern

Popcorn Stitch Intermediate Crochet Lapghan Pattern

Feel cozy at home with this Popcorn Stitch Intermediate Crochet Lapghan Pattern. The ocean-inspired color scheme of blue and green yarn colors makes this blanket look cool, and the use of the popcorn stitch will make the blanket feel warm and dense. This is a great project for crocheters looking for a new project, or for those who want to master the popcorn stitch. Easily use this free crochet lapghan pattern to make a decorative lap blanket, or a gorgeous home decoration too. Either way, this crochet lapghan pattern will be a delight to make and a pleasure to enjoy!

Popcorn Stitch Intermediate Crochet Lapghan Pattern

Catherine’s Wheel Waves Free Crochet Patterns

However, this next Catherine’s wheel stitch blanket is a totally different approach and shows off that this stitch is not a one trick pony, and that it can be used in a great variety of projects.Catherine’s Wheel Waves Free Crochet Patterns

The full article about this pattern is here:

Catherine’s Wheel Waves

More info about project photographed made by Crown Point Crochet here.

Spring Rain Free Crochet Lapghan Pattern

Spring weather has its ups and downs, but there's something about a warm Spring Rain, and the way the bright spots of color seem to shine. And that's what inspired this Spring Rain Lapghan! This is a great size for cozying up in your favorite chair, or for babies and toddlers, or for use with a wheelchair.

Spring Rain Free Crochet Lapghan Pattern