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Sea Shells Shawl

The Sea Shells Shawl is made using four crochet stitches which creates this beautiful and intricate lacy shell design. The shawl is crocheted in one piece starting at one end and working in rows all way to the other end which makes it a rectangle shape. It’s an absolute dream to work up and can be made quite quickly once you get used to the stitch layout. I would say this pattern is for the intermediate crocheter due to knowing where to put your stitches. I have explained it as well as possible in the free pattern below so if you are a advanced beginner crocheter you may want to try it out. This Sea Shells Shawl pattern is made in one size but in the paid pattern I have included the multiples so you can make it in any size that you would prefer and with your ideal yarn.Sea Shells Shawl

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Alice Sideways Shawl

"A lot of you have requested some side way shawls so you don’t have to crochet a really long beginning starting chain and TA DA i have listened to you and i have created shawls for you lovely lot! Today’s free crochet shawl is the Alice Sideways Shawl, even though the long starting chain shawls work up really quick, i must say this probably felt it worked up a bit quicker doing is sideways… who am i kidding i LOVE shawls whichever way!! The Alice Sideways Shawl is a beautiful lacy shawl with no difficult stitches as single crochet, double crochet and chain stitches are only used which makes it perfect for the beginner crocheter but still exciting enough for the more advanced crocheter."Alice Sideways Shawl

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Journey Through The Stones Crochet Shawl

"This shawl is worked sideways from end-to-end. It starts off at the tip on one side and gradually grows by 1 stitch with each row until the widest section, which is in the middle. Then each row decreases by 1 stitch until you reach the tip on the other side. Lacy Crochet Border When I first purchased the yarn, I had chosen four colors and had planned to make something using all four. When first starting out this shawl, I was thinking of using just three of the colors. They look lovely together; however, as I was nearing the end of the length of the shawl on the decreasing side, I decided to use all four colors. The darker cypress color really helps add depth and makes the clay color pop. "Journey Through The Stones Crochet Shawl

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Kaylee Sideways Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

"Today's free crochet pattern is the Kaylee Sideways Shawl which features a very easy stitch design. The stitch used for this shawl only uses single and double crochet and chain stitches to create a mesh effect running all the way through the shawl. When i first started this shawl i did think this might take a while to do just because of the single crochet stitches but actually i made it in no time at all and it only used 4 skeins of cascade 220 in aran which is really good! Also when crocheting this shawl i only crocheted 66 inches in length because i could just tell due to the stitches that it was going to stretch quite a bit when blocking and boy did it, it went from 66 inches to 75 inches in length which is a lot of growth! So just bear that in mind when crocheting this shawl it is a grower, you really don't want it too long."Kaylee Sideways Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

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Borlotto Shawl

"This is an adult sized crochet shawl. It's worked in one piece in the triangle shape and uses repeating pattern rows to give a great texture a simple way. This is a great project for a newish crocheter looking to expand their knowledge slightly. It uses only 3 stitches to achieve a great look. This is designed to use 2 balls of yarn, but the same effect of stripes could be made using cake yarn too. With the 2 balls of yarn listed this shawl measures 42 cm x 111 cm, but could easily be made bigger or smaller. This is an easy to intermediate crochet pattern, the techniques you will need to know are (US terms) Double crochet, skipping stitches, chain stitches, and the mini bean stitch (Fully explained)."Borlotto Shawl

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Quinley Sideways Shawl

Today’s free crochet pattern is the Quinley Sideways Shawl, when i come across this stitch pattern i instantly fell in love with it as you know me i am sucker for easy to crochet shawls using simple stitches to give a minimalist look and this one hit the spot! The Quinley Sideways Shawl only uses two types of stitches which is the chain stitch and the dc stitch, which is great if you are looking for a mindless pattern to crochet and this one works up super quick with no fuss and creates beautiful shells and V stitches. This shawl is also worked sideways with no long starting chain and is crocheted in rows by turning your work over at the end of each row.Quinley Sideways Shawl

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