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Shark Attack Pencil Case

Send your kids back to school with the coolest pencil case ever. The Shark Attack Pencil Case is an easy crochet pattern to complete, and it's the perfect size to store pens, pencils, and markers. Adults will even appreciate the creative design of this unique crochet pattern. This trendy pencil case is perfect not only for kids, but artists and students of all ages, as well. This is one particular shark that you don't have to be afraid of!Shark Attack Pencil Case

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Insanely Cute Minion Pencil Case

Saying goodbye to summer might not be so hard if your kids have awesome school supplies like this to use every day. Whether or not you have seen the popular animated film Despicable Me, it's impossible to resist this Insanely Cute Minion Pencil Case. Kids of all ages will love using this one-of-a-kind classroom accessory when they go back to school this fall. Complete this free crochet pattern using worsted weight yarn and a cardboard paper towel tube.Insanely Cute Minion Pencil Case

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Dancing Pencils Cup

I know some people are probably not SUPER excited to start thinking about back-to-school season but I’m also sure there are some people who can’t wait. It was for those excited people, the ones who are already buying supplies or teachers already beginning lesson plans, that I made this pattern. I wanted to design a fun pattern that you could throw into your favorite teacher basket or make for yourself, if you’re your favorite teacher.Dancing Pencils Cup

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Crochet Pencil Holder Tutorial

This pencil holder is great for pencils and crochet hooks. I used a h hook. To make it smaller use a smaller hook, but try to follow along with this pattern. I love how this cool pencil holder looks with two different colors of yarn. This fun pencil holder would make a great gift for teachers and for your own office. I use mine everyday! If you need more assistance please watch the video uploaded below. Crochet Pencil Holder Tutorial

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Zippered Travel Pouch

This zippered travel pouch will have you easily crocheting on your next road trip, while you’re sitting at the beach, or wherever you adventure. Its small size means you can grab and go, while it still fits multiple crochet hooks, yarn needles, safety pins, safety scissors, and measuring tape! At least, those are my go-to travel needs when crocheting away from the comforts of my couch. Bonus: it fits pens and pencils for other hobbies and pouch needs.Zippered Travel Pouch

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