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Stashbuster Pencil Case

Multicolored crochet patterns like this Stashbuster Pencil Case are always great to make when you need to use up your leftover yarn scraps. Plus, this is one of the most fun crochet patterns ever because you can add a personalized touch to your children's school supplies. Customize this design by using your kid's favorite colors, favorite sports team colors, or school colors. A cardboard paper towel tube is used to complete this free crochet pattern.Stashbuster Pencil Case

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Insanely Cute Minion Pencil Case

Saying goodbye to summer might not be so hard if your kids have awesome school supplies like this to use every day. Whether or not you have seen the popular animated film Despicable Me, it's impossible to resist this Insanely Cute Minion Pencil Case. Kids of all ages will love using this one-of-a-kind classroom accessory when they go back to school this fall. Complete this free crochet pattern using worsted weight yarn and a cardboard paper towel tube.Insanely Cute Minion Pencil Case

Crochet Pencil Case Pattern

It's almost time for the kids to go back to school, and you're busy trying to get and organize all the necessary materials on their school list. Well, you can cross off one of those items when you follow this adorable pencil-shaped Crochet Pencil Case Pattern! Your kid and her friends will flip for this clever crochet pencil case, so you may find yourself hooking up a few more for your kid to pass around to classmates. And that's just fine, because this pencil case is super easy to make, and who wouldn't want to inspire a few future crocheters!Crochet Pencil Case Pattern

Monster Crochet Pencil Case

This Monster Crochet Pencil Case is a frightfully cute project! With large eyes and teeth, any kid will love using this crochet pencil pouch to store all kinds of pens, pencils, and erasers. Easily use this free crochet pencil pouch pattern to make an adorable pencil case for your kids to take to school with them or to keep at home. This is a great project for crochet enthusiasts looking to make a quick project for children. Find out how easy this crochet monster pencil case is to make and realize that this little creature isn't so scary after all!

Monster Crochet Pencil Case

Crocodile Crochet Pencil Case

You can say, "See ya later, alligator" to your child when she goes off to school with this Crocodile Crochet Pencil Case. She'll respond with, "After while crocodile," waving her adorable pencil case in the air like a prized possession. Any child will absolutely fall in love with this case and, perhaps, school itself. Going back to school is so much cooler with some neat supplies and you don't have to spend a fortune on personalized things. Use your crochet skills to send your child off to school in style.Crocodile Crochet Pencil Case

Basic Keyhole Hand Towel

Ever since designing the Gingerbread Man Kitchen Towel, I've had many ask if I could design towels that hang in a similar way for year-round use. The Floral Blooms Hand Towel was the first in a fun, new series of crochet towels followed by the Farmhouse Striped Keyhole Hand Towel. Because crocheters loved the Farmhouse Striped Keyhole Hand Towel, I decided to come up with an even more basic crochet towel design that is suitable for beginner crocheters. This beginner friendly crochet pattern uses basic crochet stitches and techniques.

Basic Keyhole Hand Towel