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Diy Crochet Pen Pencil Holder

For Home

Here is a quick DIY Back to School Crochet project. Crochet this easy and resourceful Crochet Holder to put in your Pen Pencils and stationery or you can use them to organize your favorite crochet Hooks. This holder is made with Waistcoat Stitches which gives it the pretty knitted look. Crochet Organizers have always been one of my favorite crochet projects to make. They are best to sort out your things at your home. They also make one of the best stash bursting project to use up your scrap yarns. This is a simple pattern which can be easily adjusted to different sizes according to your need. Use your favorite color preference to make them more peppy and cheerful. Materials Used:- Bulky Yarn - 12 Ply 6mm Crochet Hook Size:- 3.5/4.5 inches - can be customized to any sizeDiy Crochet Pen Pencil Holder

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Crochet Pencil Case Pattern

It's almost time for the kids to go back to school, and you're busy trying to get and organize all the necessary materials on their school list. Well, you can cross off one of those items when you follow this adorable pencil-shaped Crochet Pencil Case Pattern! Your kid and her friends will flip for this clever crochet pencil case, so you may find yourself hooking up a few more for your kid to pass around to classmates. And that's just fine, because this pencil case is super easy to make, and who wouldn't want to inspire a few future crocheters!Crochet Pencil Case Pattern

Pencil-Look Crochet Pen Covers

Looking for a fun and unique back to school gift? Look no further! Work up these Pencil-Look Crochet Pen Covers and give them to your child's teacher for a super special present! You could make a rainbow of colors and, because they fit over a simple ballpoint pen, these crochet pen covers are a budget-friendly project. With endless color options, your covers will be sure to please anyone receiving them!Pencil-Look Crochet Pen Covers

Simple And Easy Crochet Mobile Cover

Simple And Easy Crochet Mobile CoverCrochet Organizers like Crochet Bags Pouches and Crochet Mobile Covers are great and they sure do come handy to carry and protect your electronic gadgets. It's always exciting and fun to make your own crochet accessories. The best thing about making a crochet organizers is that they are completely versatile and you can customize them to any size shape or color of your liking. Today am sharing the pattern for this Simple and Easy Crochet Mobile Cover. These are made with simple Double Crochets and Front Post Double Crochets worked alternatively which gives the lovely textured look. This is a very simple and quick pattern that can be adapted to all kinds of phones. These are fairly quick to make. This would make a great project to use up those leftover yarn and they would also make lovely gifts to your loved ones. Materials Used:- 4 Ply Cotton Knitting Yarn 4 mm Crochet Hook

Crochet Pencil Holder Tutorial

This pencil holder is great for pencils and crochet hooks. I used a h hook. To make it smaller use a smaller hook, but try to follow along with this pattern. I love how this cool pencil holder looks with two different colors of yarn. This fun pencil holder would make a great gift for teachers and for your own office. I use mine everyday! If you need more assistance please watch the video uploaded below.Crochet Pencil Holder Tutorial

Monster Crochet Pencil Case

This Monster Crochet Pencil Case is a frightfully cute project! With large eyes and teeth, any kid will love using this crochet pencil pouch to store all kinds of pens, pencils, and erasers. Easily use this free crochet pencil pouch pattern to make an adorable pencil case for your kids to take to school with them or to keep at home. This is a great project for crochet enthusiasts looking to make a quick project for children. Find out how easy this crochet monster pencil case is to make and realize that this little creature isn't so scary after all!

Monster Crochet Pencil Case