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Stash Baskets

This is a quick to crochet stash buster project for medium weight yarn. Crochet this small basket / container to store things like crochet hooks, pencils or pens. Perfect for managing your desk clutter AND using up some of that leftover medium weight yarn! Worked with 2 strands of medium weight yarn held together this lovely textured container can be worked up in about one hour. If you would like to use some stashed bulky weight yarn 5 you can easily substitute it instead of the 2 strands of medium weight yarn. Have fun and show me your finished baskets please! RhonddaStash Baskets

Click here for free crochet pattern

Crochet Rope Baskets Free Crochet Pattern

Baskets are such a useful accessory to have at home, as they can make great storage units when in need. This crochet rope basket is fabulous. It will be a perfect addition to organize small goodies around your house! It can also be a laundry basket. The basket is sturdy enough to stand alone or be carried around. The technique for making it is pretty simple for all crochet lovers. This project is a great way of making a basket to meet your various needs.What you will need:

  • Rope
  • Stash yarn
  • Size 5.00mm crochet hookCrochet Rope Baskets Free Crochet Pattern

You will need a length of rope for this project to add the bulk and stiffness needed for a basket. Click below link for free pattern to learn how to crochet your own rope basket.

Crochet Rope Baskets

Crochet Waterfront Trinket Basket

Get the new style waterfront trinket basket for your dining table using crochet patterns. Instead of buying these baskets from the store, create them yourself by utilizing your craft skills. Use natural cotton cord to make these natural look baskets. Use a 5.00 mm crochet hook for working on this trinket crochet pattern basket. Well, it’s steadier creating a basket with this size of hook. But you would love to see the end product. Use these baskets for presenting mini treats at events. ariana hall

Crochet Waterfront Trinket Basket

T-Shirt Yarn Crochet Nesting Basket Free Patterns

T-shirt yarn is one of the best choices for making crochet baskets of any size. The thickness of the yarn combined with the right stitches makes for baskets that are sturdy and can easily stand up straight without caving in on the sides. This photo-rich tutorial teaches you how to use jersey knit t-shirt yarn to create baskets of various sizes. These nesting baskets can sit decoratively inside one another when not in use.T-Shirt Yarn Crochet Nesting Basket Free Patterns

Crochet Baskets by This Lush Corner

Holiday Crochet Basket Patterns

Sometimes you want a crochet basket for a specific holiday. Crochet Easter basket patterns like this one are popular for offering handmade baskets instead of store-bought ones to children who are going egg-hunting. Ditto for trick-or-treating at Halloween. Crochet Christmas baskets are great for creating your own gift sets of little items. Make a basket for any holiday!Holiday Crochet Basket Patterns

Crochet Easter Basket Free Pattern by Petals to Picots