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Manhattan Crochet Tote

This stylish and simple Manhatten Crochet Tote is perfect to carry to the farmers markets or even the library! Made with chunky yarn and a large hook, it works up fairly quickly with just over two skeins of yarn! A sturdy bag that can be used for so many things.Manhattan Crochet Tote

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Crochet Farmers Market Bag Free Pattern

Designed by: Brittany Coughlin

This beautiful crochet market bag will be perfect for both beginner and advanced crocheters. One is sure – it’s a repetitive pattern, that will make your groceries shopping so much more fun! It’s made with 100 % cotton yarn, so it’s easily washable and nice in touch.

Crochet Farmers Market Bag Free Pattern

PHOTOS by Brittany Coughlin / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on justbcrafty.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Magnolia Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern

This wonderful crochet bag is sure to fit your summer and winter outfit, and adds the prettiest touch of boho style to any outfit!  It’s perfect to take to the pool or farmers markets, and it has enough space for all your belongings. You can follow the Magnolia Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern and use the colors indicated, or be creative and make this with your favorite colors. This tote bag is made up of squares, so you can work on them anywhere as well. This is the ideal portable project. Thanks Mama In A Stitch for sharing this free pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting.Magnolia Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Magnolia Tote Bag

Large Crochet Mesh Market Bag

"This large crochet mesh market bag is one of my favorite projects. It is so fun to make, and it feels good being eco-friendly bringing my own bag to carry items. Crochet Sturdy Mesh Tote This crochet tote is made from just one yarn cake! I used cotton string fingering yarn to crochet this lightweight mesh bag. It is pretty and it folds up to stash in a handy place. This one-piece crochet bag design is a semi-circle that increases with each row that is added. The crochet stitches used in this pattern are the double crochet stitch and the puff stitch."Large Crochet Mesh Market Bag

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Simple Stripes Tote Bag

Bags are my favorite thing to design and make. They are just so fun and functional! For moms on the go in particular, we need a bag to put our own purse in, as well as snacks, a water bottle, maybe a coloring pad and crayons. No worries, mom, this bag will fit all that! It measures 14″ by 12″ and has a generously sized shoulder strap, measuring 2-1/2″ wide. Perhaps one of my favorite thing about crocheting up a bag, is when you are a little ways done with it, you have a place for your ball(s) of yarn! Cotton yarn makes a really sturdy, easy to wash bag, and is fairly inexpensive. This project is also a great way to use your “economical” (perhaps a little bit scratchy) acrylic yarn. This is a fairly simple, easy to work up bag, so it's accessible to crocheters of all levels. Happy hooking!

Simple Stripes Tote Bag

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Spring Market Tote Bag

Are you looking for the perfect summer bag to take with you on the go? The Spring Market Tote Bag is a great bag for the beach or to take to your local farmers market. This bag is an easy, beginner-friendly crochet pattern only using single crochet stitches, and sturdy because we’ll be holding multiple strands. The shades of purple and blue scream Spring but the color possibilities are endless! Choose to make your market tote with one accent color or six! Plus, it comes with a video tutorial just in case you need additional helpSpring Market Tote Bag

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