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Spike Stitch Makeup Bag

The Spike Stitch Makeup Bag is a great way to stylishly stash all your small goodies. You can use this brightly colored crochet pattern to hold your makeup, keys, loose change, or even your crafting essentials. The bag is extremely easy to keep clean, because it is worked in cotton. Feel free to repeatedly toss it into the washing machine and dryer without thinking twice. The easy crochet bag features the spike stitch, so this is a great way to try out a new technique. The pattern also has a drawstring and a sturdy design, so you can cinch the top of the bag to make sure all your belongings remain safely insideSpike Stitch Makeup Bag

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Crochet Drawstring Makeup Bag

Crochet Drawstring Makeup BagKeep your makeup items in a well-organized form with this crochet bag. Create this bag effortlessly with a free pattern to hold all your makeup stuff stylishly. For this, use Fair Isle Sutton yarn in beach color. Moreover, use a 6.00mm crochet hook in J size for this project. This bag pattern also involves simple stitches. Therefore, it's easier for beginners to work on this crochet makeup bag. caabcrochet

Market Tote in a Cinch

Every summer we spend a lot of time in our travel trailer. I am always needing a bag for something. Whether it's for a project, change of clothes, snacks or something else, I can never have enough bags. On our last trip, I decided I would try out a skein of the new Red Heart Super Saver Ombre and make a bag I could fit almost anywhere for those last minute needs. I had designed a “Farmer’s Market Bag” a few years ago and have used it a ton. This time I added a drawstring to cinch in the top, plus just one (instead of the original two) handle to make it easier to carry and hang on hooks when not in use. I hope you will like this simple, but super usable, tote.Market Tote in a Cinch

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Drawstring Makeup Bag Crochet Pattern

This Crochet Drawstring Makeup Bag is quick to work up with size 5 yarn and simple, increasing rounds. It makes a cute and stylish way to pack makeup for travel, or just store in the bathroom. It is very functional, while also doubling as a decorative piece.

Drawstring Makeup Bag Crochet Pattern

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Cinch Stripes Backpack

"The Cinch Stripes Backpack is a simple bag featuring some of my favorite half double crochet variations! With easy rope straps, you'll love making this one skein crochet pattern on Moogly! This pattern features a few different ways to use the half double crochet stitch - including a couple of variations I came up with myself - though I wouldn't be surprised to find they are already out there, I haven’t found them. Mix this pattern up to make it your own! Choose your own yarn colorway, use different ropes or ribbons - or even crochet your own! Add or subtract rows as desired too - this pattern is so flexible, and I can't wait to see how you customize yours!"Cinch Stripes Backpack

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Beaded Mini Drawstring Pouch Bag Free Crochet Pattern

This wonderful bag has the ideal size for jewelry boxes and small gifts you need to wrap or package for loved ones. With it's dainty and elegant look, it will make for a wonderful heartfelt gift. This Beaded Mini Drawstring Pouch Bag Free Crochet Pattern is such a pretty sight to behold. You can use up left over yarns for this project and also experiment with embellishments. Add some pizzazz to your next gift-giving occasion when you crochet this reusable drawstring gift bag. Thanks Rose for sharing this free crochet pattern on The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. If you need easy-to-read PDF pattern, you can buy from here Beaded Mini Drawstring Pouch Bag Free Crochet Pattern. It costs around $2.5. Happy crocheting.

Beaded Mini Drawstring Pouch Bag Free Crochet Pattern

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Beaded Mini Drawstring Pouch Bag