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Hazel's Market Bag

Hazel’s Market Bag came to me because I was in need of a simple bag that would carry a lot of stuff, but that wouldn’t just be a gigantic bag if it were mostly empty. This bag sort of stretches to carry what is needed, but then springs back when not weighed down. I love it and I have many of them around the house. We use them for the farmer’s market buys, library books, and as church bags. I’ve made many for gifts, and sold even more.Hazel's Market Bag

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The Library Tote Free Crochet Pattern

"The Library Tote Crochet Book Bag is a book lover’s best friend. This rectangle bag is composed of a sturdy single crochet bottom with two wide handles for comfort. Bring it to the farmer’s market, the library or the yarn store. When we hit the library we never seem to have enough hands or bags for all the books. I love this bag for these trips. It’s yarn so it stretches, but it’s more supportive than a mesh bag."The Library Tote Free Crochet Pattern

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Linen Market Bag

If you're like us, you likely never leave your local farmer's market empty-handed. Instead of toting everything home in a plastic bag, though, what about using your crochet skills to create the Linen Market Bag? This pattern is easy to make and includes a mesh design that can hold your veggies, cheese, and other goodies. The crochet bag pattern is stylish, and the bag can be folded up and stashed in your car or purse when it's not in use. You just might get requests to crochet a bag or two from family and friends!

Linen Market Bag

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Crochet Produce Bag

Make a reusable bag for yourself or someone who wants to go green with this handy produce bag crochet pattern. This is great to use while shopping for groceries because you can re-use it each time you visit the store. The soft and open design expands to hold most fruits and vegetables while keeping them in your sight.

This simple crochet produce bag is also perfect for trips to the farmer's market during the summer because it's lightweight and compactable when empty. The best thing about this crochet bag is that you only need one skein of yarn to complete it. Use any color worsted weight yarn you want to work up this crocheted bag.Crochet Produce Bag

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Pocket Market Bag

Pocket Market Bag This cotton market bag is one of those enjoyable projects that is both fashionable and functional. Reusable bags have so many uses: from the library to the beach, you will find a hundred reasons to keep using this darling tote. You will have fun whipping it up and even more fun unfolding it at the farmer’s market and stuffing it full of fresh produce.Pocket Market Bag

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Farmer's Market Bag

This bag has a modern, boho feel and it’s designed to be both sturdy and stretchy to accommodate all of your shopping needs. This bag is a great alternative to a tote and is perfect for outings from shopping at the farmer’s market and grocery store to carrying along snacks on road trips. It also makes a wonderful beach bag to hold towels, sunscreen, anything else you might need. This bag takes a little time to crochet up, but I promise it’s all worth it!Farmer's Market Bag

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