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Argyle Purse

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The Argyle Purse takes tapestry crochet to a whole other level by starting with a faux leather base. There is a link that will take you to a full tutorial complete with pictures to simplify the base creating process. Basic Red Heart solids yarn was used with stunning results to create this purse. The instructions are a full written tutorial as opposed to a graph, so everything is broken down to a step by step process. The goal with this pattern was to take what looks to be a more challenging project, and create directions that simplify the process so that anyone can do it.

Argyle Purse

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Crochet And Leather Handbag

"This crochet and leather hand bag is a very simple design for a very elaborate sounding concept. Don't worry, it's really simple though. If you can draw a straight line with a ruler, squeeze a hole punch and crochet some very basic stitches, you can make a ton of cool leather nd crochet projects. Why leather and crochet? Some items like purses get the most wear in specific places, like the bottom. Leather in those spots means a longer life span of your bag etc, but it also adds another design element that totally changes the aesthetic. So besides a great look and longer life of your item, it's really fun and challenging!"Crochet And Leather Handbag

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Leather and Crochet Tote

Forget the time old combo of leather and lace. Crochet and leather is where it is at! If you are on the hunt for a brand new purse, consider using your crochet skills to make this trendy crochet tote bag pattern. The Leather and Crochet Tote tutorial shows you how to crochet the base of the bag before adding simple leather straps to the final product. Crocheted in two colors of yarn, this pattern looks dip dyed and ready for a day on the town.

Leather and Crochet Tote

Zig Zag Zipper Bag - Tapestry Crochet Pattern

These zig zag zipper tapestry crochet bags are so fun to make and are super handy for storing items! There are so many effects that you can create with tapestry crochet, but for this bag I loved creating a chevron stripes pattern. This pattern includes instructions and charts for two different bag sizes, as well as instructions for creating you own custom size. You'll also find lots of photos and VIDEO tutorials for changing colors in tapestry crochet, adding zippers to crochet bags, and a quick and easy way to add a lining to crochet bags. Check out the free pattern and more patterns at!

Zig Zag Zipper Bag - Tapestry Crochet Pattern

How To Crochet A Bag Step By Step

Using t-shirt yarn made from recycled cotton fabric, now you can make very elegant handbags in different designs and sizes. In this tutorial you can learn how to crochet a bag step by step. I remember 2 years ago I made my first handmade t-shirt yarn out of old t-shirts when there were no ready made ones. And now fortunately, I can get whatever color I want of t-shirt yarn and create something amazing out of it! In this post, I show you how I made an elegant bag using a leather bottom base, that can be made from scratch in case there wasn’t any supplier around you. This is a post on how to crochet a bag step by step and in detail.How To Crochet A Bag Step By Step

Tapestry Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Tapestry crochet is a unique crochet niche that allows you to work with color and graphic design in fresh new ways. You can create something beautiful and unique with this fantastic technique, since It is completed a little differently than other methods. You havet tried this stitch before, the Tapestry Bag Free Crochet Pattern is great for you to learn it. Thanks Cheryl and for sharing this free crochet pattern and video tutorial. The link for the free pattern or video is provided below photo. If you need easy-to-read PDF pattern, you can buy from here. It costs around $3.99. Happy crocheting.Tapestry Bag Free Crochet Pattern

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Titan Tapestry Bag