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Mountain Sunset Shawl

Easy and Quick – Free Crochet Pattern! The Mountain Sunset Shawl is made using a simple stitch pattern that works up beautifully with a self striping yarn. The beautiful yarn I used makes this a one skein project which is always a plus!! A fun edging makes this feminine and fashionable. I hope you love this project! I do!! This was inspired by the alpenglow of the beautiful mountain I live next too… Mt Shasta, California USA.

Mountain Sunset Shawl

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Sunset Orchid Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

The shawl is in the shape of a triangle. You can wear it in many cool ways. The shawl is made in wonderful and fashionable colors. You can change them to your loved ones. It all depends on your idea for this project. Add a scarf to your stylizations. It is a perfect project for every season and season. Good luck!

I love scarves and you? I wanted to show you the pattern that charmed me. It is a delicate and very feminine design. Has a great texture and stitch. This is a free pattern available in this article.Sunset Orchid Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Sunset Orchid Shawl Free Crochet Pattern is here

Granny Stripe Shawl

"Crocheting a traditional granny shawl is a fun, easy project. I love a Crochet Granny Stripe shawl and I wanted the design for Winter Flame Shawl to be a statement piece. Using a vibrant and colourful self striping yarn and a single colour to create the stripes, and you will love the fabulous result! You could choose to make this pattern in a single colour, or use a self striping yarn like I did to do all the colour work for you. This is such an easy relaxing project to make – if you can make a granny square, you can make this beginner friendly shawl!"Granny Stripe Shawl

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Shanea One Skein Shawl Pattern

"We all love a quick pattern, when the pattern uses a very small amount of yarn and is a repeat of just one row, it is a must make. This is a perfect crochet shawl pattern for anyone looking to make a one-skein shawl. The pattern is super easy to follow and in no time, you have a beautiful shawl that doubles as a wrap. The pattern uses just one skein of yarn and uses basic croche tstitches."Shanea One Skein Shawl Pattern

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Sunset Static Shawl

"The Sunset Static Shawl is a gorgeous bias crochet shawl that has a simple silhouette created with the crochet seed stitch as the background (creating the static portion), the V puff stitch, and crossed double crochets. For this shawl I used Lion Brand Mandala Tweed in colorway Lucky Penny because of it’s beautiful and vibrant colorway. Mandala Tweed is a medium weight 4 yarn that features 2 strands of different colored variegated yarns twisted around each other, which is what gives it it’s tweed look. It took about 693 yards (1.5 cakes) to create the shawl."Sunset Static Shawl

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Montagna Shawl

"The Montagna is an easy rectangle shawl crochet pattern. This open design uses filet crochet to achieve a lightweight design that is perfect for a summer shawl. This crochet shawl pattern features a subtle mountain, or “montagna” in Italian, outline. The main shawl stitch is filet crochet, or double crochets and chains. The mountain outline is simply made with blocks of double crochets together. They stack, or overlap in a triangular shape to achieve the mountain design. "Montagna Shawl

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