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Amazing Grace Angel Wing Shawl

Amazing Grace Free Pattern Series is all about paying it forward, helping others and specifically.. Breast Cancer Awareness!! The Amazing Grace Angel Wing Shawl is the 24th free crochet pattern in the Amazing Grace Series… This lovely shawl is made using the Amazing Grace stitch pattern just like all the other patterns in the series… Using Red Heart It’s a Wrap Yarn Rainbows in Whisper makes this an elegant and flowing accessory… The self striping yarn does all the work for you!!! To read more about the Amazing Grace Project, please click on the Amazing Grace tab at the top of the page!

Amazing Grace Angel Wing Shawl

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Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl

Wow, such an amazing color, don’t you think? Pink in this pattern by Elena Hunt it symbolizes the Breast Cancer Awareness month, in memory of the author dearest friend. You can make this pattern really quickly and easily, it’s going to be a beautiful and important gift to all woman in your life.Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl

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Bat Wing Shawl

The Bat Wing Shawl was designed with the declining number of bats in North America in mind. About six million bats have died from a fungus, which is one of the worst animal population declines in the last hundred years. Bats are majestic creatures that have inspired many cultural phenomena like Batman, Dracula, and the children's classic book Stellaluna. They deserve our support as a species, so what better way than to commemorate them with a crochet pattern? Bat Wing Shawl

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Caramel Fudge Ripple Wrap

The Caramel Fudge Ripple Wrap is a simple and easy crochet wrap pattern. The stylish wrap or shawl looks gorgeous in both self-striping and solid yarns. The silt stitch is easy to do once you master the repeat. And, the stitch naturally tilts so the wrap also slants slightly on the bias for a stylish look. The wrap is generous in size. It can be worn several ways. Wrap it over one shoulder. Or, drape it over both shoulders. This pattern would also work well as an easy crochet prayer shawl pattern.Caramel Fudge Ripple Wrap

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Blue Ridge Wrap

Wrap yourself in the warmth of this generously sized fashion accessory. The asymmetric shape and zig zag edge gives it a refreshing and updated look and the filet crochet edges add a touch of elegance. There are so many different configurations for wearing this wrap too. I made it in a self striping yarn, but it would look lovely in solids as well. This is a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe or holiday gift giving too!

Blue Ridge Wrap

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