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Turquoise Spring Shrug

Lovely layering pieces like this seamless Turquoise Spring Shrug are great to have in your closet. This free crochet pattern features 3/4 length sleeves and is worked up using worsted weight yarn. It's a lightweight crochet design that is great for wearing during the spring and summer months. Step-by-step photos are included in this crochet pattern, and you'll also find directions on how to adjust the arm length to create a perfect fit.

Turquoise Spring Shrug

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Flirty Pink Shell Shrug

Summer is a time for airy crochet lace patterns, especially when they are a soft pink color! This Flirty Pink Shell Shrug is the perfect addition to your light, warm-weather dresses or outfits. Featuring the crochet shell stitch and other creative ways to use the double crochet, this shawl has eye-catching design that will highlight your style. Making clothing might seem daunting, but the sleeves are worked in at the ends of your rows and there are specific stitch tutorials that will help you along your way. You can adjust the color and size to fit you exactly right, so get out your hooks for this fabulous summer crochet pattern.Flirty Pink Shell Shrug

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Halle’s Summer Poncho: Quick And Easy Crochet Pattern In 3 Sizes

Halle’s Summer Poncho is worked in simple stitches without complicated increases, so even a beginner can quickly work one up! This pattern is worked from the top down in two parts, and It’s a great pattern because: Three different sizes are included in this pattern design: Small, Medium & Large! Begin working the neck in rows, then work the body in joined rounds. Measure as you go to easily assure the size fits! Use up yarn you already have in your stash! This project works great with cotton yarns, and plant-based fibers for warmer months, and acrylic or animal fibers for cooler months. You’ll get to practice a lot of crochet skills: rows, joined rounds, stitch tension, gauge & size, color changes, finishing techniques & more!Halle’s Summer Poncho: Quick And Easy Crochet Pattern In 3 Sizes

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Crochet Step Shawl Pattern

Are you looking for a nice and quick crochet shawl? Create this step crochet shawl with a free pattern and all the guidelines. It involves side-by-side work in increasing and decreasing crochet format. Additionally, this wrap is an ideal option to wear with casual and party dresses. Use DK lightweight yarn to make this shawl adorably. This yarn will give a light and relaxing look. Therefore, you can gift it to your friend looking for a lightweight and 100% comfortable winter shawl. Crochet Step Shawl Patternnaztazia

Simple Summer Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

The shawl has a very nice finish. It is a lace that adds charm. This is the pattern that should be in your wardrobe. The pattern is crocheted nice and fast. This is a great scarf for beginners. In the tutorial you will find detailed step-by-step instructions. Choose your favorite yarn to create this design. Good luck!Simple Summer Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Girlish shawl in wonderful and bright colors. It is a perfect pattern for spring and summer. Add it to your sporty and elegant styles. Thanks to the triangle shape you can wear it in many cool ways.

Simple Summer Shawl Free Crochet Pattern is here

Beginners Lattice Crochet Scarf Pattern

"The beginners lattice crochet scarf pattern is a quick and easy pattern to learn. It shows how to create an open lattice design in crochet. This scarf can be worn throughout the year as a gorgeous handmade accessory. The scarf is both practical and stylish. You can use it to keep warm during the winter, but also for special occasions like weddings or parties where you want that extra bit of flair on top of your outfit. For me, this is just the right length and weight of scarf to wear in the colder months wrapped around my neck under my winter coat. "Beginners Lattice Crochet Scarf Pattern

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