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Francis Fox Amigurumi

Foxes are proven to be such great friends! Don’t listen when they tell you bad things about these adorable animals, because they are just fantastic, super intelligent and friendly! Now you can make your own fox with some orange yarn and a bit of patience. It’s 5” / 12,5 cm tall when made with the indicated yarn. Look at this cutie!

Francis Fox Amigurumi

Find original free pattern on anchorcrafts.com,or read more about it on Ravelry.

Clark The Fox

Clark is a detailed fox amigurumi pattern ready to teach you new techniques in crochet. With glitter eyes and unique, realistic shaping, this plushy is as bold as his tail is fluffy. As with most of my designs, I spent time looking at pictures of live foxes and silver foxes while researching my plans for Clark. I love the way that they look so confident and majestic, but they also have this swagger that makes it feel like that majesty is as natural to them as breathing.Cuddly Rudolph Amigurumi

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The Friendly Mini Octopus Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by: The Friendly Red Fox

This sweet mini octopus is fast to make and requires very little yarn to use. That’s why it’s a perfect project for a lazy afternoon. All you need is a leftover yarn and a little bit of patience. Absolutely adorable, I love it!

The Friendly Mini Octopus Free Crochet Pattern

Photo is by The Friendly Red Fox / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on thefriendlyredfox.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Mrs Fox Toy Crochet Pattern

Waking up on Christmas morning as a child is so magical. Knowing the whole day will be filled with family fun and toys you’ve only dreamed about. Some of my favorite gifts to make for the holiday season are children’s toys. There’s this element of whimsy and excitement unmatched anywhere else. That’s why I wanted to share this fox stuffed animal with you. The Mrs Fox Toy is adorable and fun, and so imaginative. As a kid, I would have loved playing with her. She’s this adorable little fox with rosy cheeks and a little bow on her head. She also has a detachable scarf, jacket, and dress so she can go on all the adventures with you.Mrs Fox Toy Crochet Pattern

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Make Your Own Monkey

Make your own monkey decorations to keep anywhere around the house with this adorable intermediate pattern. Give these cute crochet animals to your kids as little stuffed animals to play with or make a whole barrel of monkeys! Amigurumi crochet is always fun, so monkey around a little bit and have a good time making these cute crochet animals. Make a day out of it with your kids to get them involved so they can enjoy the process and the final product.Make Your Own Monkey

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Crochet Orange

Add some vitamin C into your life with some citrus! Learn how to get started with amigurumi. Create your own cute little Orange doll with this free crochet pattern! this basic toy and beginner friendly DIY project is perfect for any crocheter and works with any type of worsted weight yarn. This amigurumi is perfect for home decor as well. It can work up quickly. Working with simple stitches, the single crochet, this pattern is worked in the round and sewn together. the bows are made separate and has photo tutorial with step by step.Crochet Orange

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