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Contours Square

There is very little that's square about this unique square! It's made in 4 separate, half-circle pieces that are then joined with an edging and sewn together in the middle. It looks complicated, but the actual crochet is very easy. This square is shown here in 3 colors, but can be made all in 1 color, or in as many as 5 or even 6.

Contours Square

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Circle of Life 12" Square

This is a fun square with a braided circle added at the end to represent the circle of life. Lots of lace and texture to make it interesting in combination with others or on its own for an afghan or bedspread, but if you aren’t feeling inspired for such a large project, try two of them together to make a throw pillow or line them for a really cool tote bag!! Designed in worsted weight yarn

Circle of Life 12andquot; Square

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How To Crochet Granny Square With Circle Center

How To Crochet Granny Square With Circle CenterThis gorgeous crochet granny square is the best thing to make and enjoy some bright colors added in the home decor. The lovely white squares have colorful circle centers with the lovely floral patterns in the center. The whole pillowcase with various bright yarn hues has turned out to be so pretty and fun. Details here!

Tutorial: wisecrafthandmade

Back Loop Half Double Crochet Stitch

The Back Loop Half Double Crochet Stitch is a variation of the half double crochet stitch. For this crochet stitch, you will be inserting your crochet hook through the back loop of your half double crochet instead of through both loops. This is the stitch your pattern is referring to when it says back loop only for your half double crochet stitch. We are so glad you chose to visit us at Online Crochet Patterns, and look forward to sharing this tutorial with you. To start off, Online Crochet Patterns offers...

Back Loop Half Double Crochet Stitch

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Difficulty Level: Easy

Yarn Weight: Other

Circle to Square Granny Square

What makes this granny square different is that it's a solid granny square that begins as a circle and gradually turns into a square. Just like a classic granny square crochet pattern, the possibilities for these little suckers are really endless!

ViaJust Be CraftyCircle to Square Granny Square

Crab stitch crochet edging

Crab stitch crochet edgingCrab stitch crochet edging