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Rustic Cotton Rope Trivet

This Hot Pad is an easy, rustic cotton rope hot pad perfect quick pot holder pattern for gifting or to add to your own kitchen. This potholder works up quickly in large cotton rope. Add the optional wood ring for hanging ease. Made with the easy, beginner-friendly Moss/Linen/Granite Crochet Stitch for ease of working with jumbo rope. Protect your counter tops with the perfect rustic modern kitchen accessory! Add these to a bridal shower gift basket for a handmade touch. Approximate finished size: 7” x 7” square

Rustic Cotton Rope Trivet

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Star Spangled Trivet and Hot Pad

What do you call that thing you put under hot dishes to protect the table? Trivet? Hot pad? The world seems divided! But united we stand, and the Star Spangled Trivet (or Hot Pad!) is ready to stand up to whatever you dish out - and look festive while doing it! Made with bright washable Kitchen Cotton, this free trivet pattern will perk up your table for years to come! It starts with a mesh base, and then the “wiggles” are added to create the fun 3D look - and keep your counters and tables safe!

Star Spangled Trivet and Hot Pad

Kitchen Ring Pad

  • Designed by Naztazia

This cool ring pad looks like a delicious apple pie, doesn't it? It's made with a special kind of yarn, that is heat resistant and you can use it as a hot pad, as well as a potholder or a trivet. Moreover, you can just decorate your house with it. For instance, feel free to hang it on your window!

Kitchen Ring Pad

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Classic 10 Point Hot Pad Free Crochet Pattern

If you love crochet, you don't need to buy a plain old pot holder. You can crochet flower pot holder. It is both decorative and functional. It also makes a great housewarming or add-on gift for the holidays. Crochet potholders can be made in elaborate detail so you can show off your most advanced crochet skills. This free pattern is just gorgeous. They can be created in any number of different styles, and are a handmade treat that adds a personal touch to your gift giving. Protect yourself and your countertops with colorful and homemade crochet pot holder.Classic 10 Point Hot Pad Free Crochet Pattern

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Classic 10 Point Hot Pad

Mandala Hot Pad Trivet Cover

  • Designed by Anna Erlandsson

If you like and are looking for a stained glass effect, this pad trivet is going to make you really happy! You can really go with the flow and play with the colors here, because no matter which combination you'll choose, the effect will be mesmerizing!

Mandala Hot Pad Trivet Cover

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Crochet Rope Baskets Free Crochet Pattern

Baskets are such a useful accessory to have at home, as they can make great storage units when in need. This crochet rope basket is fabulous. It will be a perfect addition to organize small goodies around your house! It can also be a laundry basket. The basket is sturdy enough to stand alone or be carried around. The technique for making it is pretty simple for all crochet lovers. This project is a great way of making a basket to meet your various needs.What you will need:

  • Rope
  • Stash yarn
  • Size 5.00mm crochet hookCrochet Rope Baskets Free Crochet Pattern

You will need a length of rope for this project to add the bulk and stiffness needed for a basket. Click below link for free pattern to learn how to crochet your own rope basket.

Crochet Rope Baskets