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Brave Felted Tote Bag

This is a super simple project of single crochet in the round. The bag has a flat bottom which makes it super functional for so many purposes! It begins at the base, and is worked in one continuous piece from base to handles - no sewing! Use it for a craft project bag, a special gift bag, or a decorative storage container. It would make a great market bag - and if you line it, you could totally rock it as a purse, too! Stripes, color blocking or monochromatic in one color, use 3 balls of Be So Brave Yarn in any combination that appeals to you, or your gift recipient.

Brave Felted Tote Bag

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Girls Pom Pom Storage Basket Crochet Pattern

If you’re like me, you’re always in need of more storage. Between the toys and clothes, supplies and everything else, it’s easy for a room to get very messy fast. That’s why I love this adorable Girls Pom Pom Storage Basket. It’s the perfect combination of cute and functional. If you’re looking for an easy way to create more storage for a room, this basket is perfect. It’s cute, colorful, and is a statement piece in of itself. It’s easy enough to make one for every room, so you can use it to store toys, toiletries, supplies, or even yarn.

Girls Pom Pom Storage Basket Crochet Pattern

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Totally Toteable Tote

The Totally Toteable Tote is a gorgeous textured tote for everyday use from toting yarn (mine can hold 7 large skeins at a time to, carrying around your current projects or for everyday use! I don’t know about you but I love totes, I think I have a tote for everything, especially when I travel. I like having a place for everything. This Totally Toteable Tote can easily be customized from yarn color choice to handles and even lining it with fabric to help the tote from stretching. These would be great to keep for yourself or gift!Totally Toteable Tote

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Mediterranean Market Tote

My favorite thing about big tote bags is they can be used for pretty much anything. This Mediterranean Market Tote (named after the beautiful, bold colors) can be used as a grocery bag at the farmer's market, or carried as an over-sized purse. This particular crochet bag pattern calls for 7 different colors, but if you skip the stripes, you can make it using only 3 skeins of yarn. If you do crochet the stripes, you'll only need less than 50 yards of each color, so this crochet tote is also a great stash buster project, too.Mediterranean Market Tote

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