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Beekle The Unimaginary Friend Crochet

This cute stuffie is named Beekle. He is a character from the charming book Beekle : The Unimaginary Friend written by Dan Santat. This book is about creative imagination and the wonders of friendship. It’s been a hit in our home and is sure to be one in yours as well. I often gift this book at baby showers and write a note for the little one inside in leu of a card. I recently contacted the author asking for permission to create this pattern and he graciously said it’s perfectly fine by him. I hope you enjoy this book, pattern, and sharing friendships.

Beekle The Unimaginary Friend Crochet 

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Boy's Shawl-Collared Sweater Free Crochet Pattern

I’m definitely in the fall mood and love it when it starts to cool off – that’s when I get really excited for the hooks and needles to come out.  (Not that I ever put them away… but I’m not as motivated to work with yarn when it’s hot.  I wish I was!)  One of my favorite items to design is sweaters.  I love making sweaters.  I know a lot of people hate them because of the finishing, but I even enjoy the finishing part.  Granted, when I’m making an adult sweater I sometimes find myself griping about how long it takes, so I focus a lot on making baby and child sweaters.  This one fits my youngest son and he graciously modeled it for me (even though it was almost 90 degrees that day!).  I love it and can’t wait for it to be cool enough for him to wear it to school.Boy's Shawl-Collared Sweater Free Crochet Pattern

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Baby Bear Sweater Free Crochet Pattern

This bear sweater is just so adorable. The sweater is soft and with the modern colour pallet used, its sure to be a hit. Its fun to crochet a sweet baby bear sweater for your little one with this Baby Bear Sweater Free Crochet Pattern. It features a Cardigan with bear ears. It crochets from the top down to the waist. With simplistic design and with sleeves being crocheted on after the main body is complete. This makes it pretty straight forward to crochet. Thanks Repeat Crafter Me for sharing this free pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting. BTY, you can buy one from here.Baby Bear Sweater Free Crochet Pattern

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Baby Bear Sweater

Crochet Baby Cardigan

I present my new design of 2018 ,its a baby cardigan with open collar. I try to make my designs as simple as possible.i made this cardigan in grey color. you can make this in different colors .this is classic vintage kind of cardigan.i have used red and white football button to add some color.you can style it and make more lively by adding some crochet appliqué and for the girls you can do put crochet flower or do simple embroidery like lazy daisy stitch.you can add a pocket on chest for boys and for girls you can add two pockets on both sides.you can decorate this cardigan in many ways. this cardigan has 2 button in a row, you can use second button for smaller baby to get him fit and as baby grows you can start using 1st button to fit him well. I made this cardigan for 0-6 month old but after following my tutorial you can make it in bigger sizes as well. this cardigan is worked in parts and then sew them together.i have used dark grey color in dk weight yarn with 3 mm crochet hook.you have to make back, left and right front and 2 sleeves . design is very simple, I used double crochet.Crochet Baby Cardigan

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The Parker Crochet Baby Booties

If you are looking for a crochet baby booties pattern that is both easy and elegant, then look no further than The Parker Crochet Baby Booties. Make these adorable crochet booties for a newborn in your life or work ahead with a neutral yarn for the next baby that is born.

These unisex boots will keep baby's feet warm until they outgrow them and the parents can keep them for the next child or donate them to another baby who is in need of some charming booties.

From the Blogger:"These little baby booties are so cute and simple! A great beginner pattern for those who haven’t attempted footwear before. These are very easy to make in a couple of hours. The booties match the Parker Newborn Hat on my profile. Enjoy these, and make them for someone special soon!"The Parker Crochet Baby Booties

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Crochet Pleated Baby Skirt

"This simple baby pleated skirt has been designed in such a way that you do not need a tapestry needle to sew the pleats in place. The skirt is worked bottom up. And the end result is superb. The skirt has been made in just one color but you can be creative with how you want to mix the colors. For this project you will need Dk weight yarn, 5.0 mm crochet hook and stitch markers. I hope you enjoy making the pattern. Happy crocheting! "Crochet Pleated Baby Skirt

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