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Baby/infant Pixie Hat

This is fun and easy project that is suitable not only for beginners but intermediate and advanced crocheters. The pattern includes step-by-step explanation of tricky moments and has bunch of pictures. Moreover, this is my first and full video crochet tutorial that you can find on my YouTube channel. So, if you have one skein of medium worsted yarn and wish to make surprise for your daughter or grand-daughter please check this free crochet pixie baby hat.

Baby/infant Pixie Hat 

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Infant Ugg Boots

When the seasons change you know the fashion is going to get hotter and hotter which is why you must have these amazing Infant Ugg Boots for your little one. Instead of forking out the money for the designer name, make your own crocheted booties. These wrap around booties are too cute not to make your little one. The button closure is all the embellishment this design needs, and if you know an expectant mom who's due in the fall or winter then crochet for baby and make these. The photos give you great guidance on how to make booties.Infant Ugg Boots

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How to Crochet Easy Baby Slippers for Beginners

Aren’t these Slippers adorable? They will keep your baby comfortable and warm. They are very easy to make and very much suitable for beginners, so they’re great for those last-minute baby shower gifts. Here is the great video tutorial with which you can learn everything step by step to Crochet Easy Baby Slippers for your little angels. The tutorial will help you make your first successful baby shoe even if you’ve never made baby booties before.How to Crochet Easy Baby Slippers for Beginners

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VERY EASY simple striped crochet baby slippers

The Little Princess Baby Set

"I’m happy to announce the first crochet baby dress for 2020 at Soukaina Collections… Little Princess Sara Crochet Baby Dress! I’m also delighted to tell you that the Complete Set is ready. You can download The ad-free printable PDF on Etsy or just keep reading to follow the free pattern on the blog… I can’t even tell you how I’m happy when you share it, and when you actually try it and send me the final picture of your crocheted dress! Sometimes, you think that you’ve just crocheted the best baby girl dress in the world, then you release it and find out that it’s not the case! But for this one, I’ve already got a lot of positive feedback because I decided to ask my fellow crocheters on Facebook what they think about my brand new dress while I was doing it and I got dozens of positive feedback. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that your audience likes your design while you are actually in the creation phase. From now on, I think that I will try to gather feedback before I start crocheting my new design. After all, I make all my designs for you and your little princesses, so knowing what you love before I even start crocheting it the best thing to do. Below, you’ll find Princess Sara crochet baby dress free pattern in sizes 0-3 and 3-6 months. This design is suitable for beginners and advanced crocheters. "The Little Princess Baby Set

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Matching Slippers Free Crochet Pattern For Mommy and Daughter

It’s so nice to see a proud mom and her little one both wearing the same gorgeously cute slippers. It’s even nicer if the slippers are handmade by mom. Now you can make it happen with this Matching Slippers Free Crochet Pattern. The pattern is very easy to follow. They are a quick workup. You can embellish these delightful slippers with some fun buttons or crocheted flowers in the center to make it prettier. These beautiful crocheted matching slippers for mom and daughter are also a great baby shower gift. You can warm someone’s heart and feet with a lovely pair of crochet slippers. Happy crocheting.

Matching Slippers Free Crochet Pattern For Mommy and Daughter

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Mommy – Daughter Matching Slippers

Gender Neutral Gingham Baby Blanket

"Looking for a gender neutral baby blanket to gift to expecting parents? Look no further. This crochet pattern for a gingham baby blanket will be the perfect gift for any parents who are keeping their baby's gender hush-hush. You will need to know how to chain, single crochet, and slip stitch. This baby blanket with my tension ended up approximately 37 inches x 33 inches. My swatch of 10 stitches x 10 rows is approximately 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches. My baby blanket is 15 blocks wide and 13 blocks tall (block = 10 st x 10 rows), you can alter this as you see fit to make a larger or smaller blanket. I prefer to end each row and column on an odd number so that all corners end in white, for example. All pictures and patterns are copyright of The Loophole Fox unless otherwise noted. Please do not repost or claim my content as your own. Please do not copy, redistribute or sell my pattern in any way. You’re more than welcome to sell your finished products off of my patterns but please link my pattern/credit me so that others can find me. Thank you!"Gender Neutral Gingham Baby Blanket

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