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Crochet Octopus Applique

Make this adorable Crochet Octopus Applique for your kids! This is a great crochet pattern to add to backpacks and clothes, and better yet, it's an extremely easy crochet project. All you need is a few yards of yarn, so those of you scrap busters or stash busters will be excited for easy crochet patterns like this one! You can use buttons or contrasting yarn for the octopus' eyes on this crochet applique. Put this adorable octopus on a baby bib for a fabulous baby shower present.

Crochet Octopus Applique 

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Happy Apple Crochet Applique

Back to school season comes up fast, and with it comes new backpacks, different teachers, and first impressions. This Happy Apple Crochet Applique can help with all three. When it comes to backpacks, many kids will have the same taste. Make sure your child's backpack is never mixed up with this crochet applique. With one look, everyone will know whose it is. Saying "thank you" in advance to teachers is always a great gesture, and the gift of a crochet applique sewn onto a pouch or other project is the perfect way to begin a school year and to make a great first impression.Happy Apple Crochet Applique

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Rainbow Applique Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by Cecilia Fameli 

What is there at the end of the rainbow? Who knows that? Well, now we all now it’s a cloud! This sweet project is incredibly cute, and above all it’s so easy to crochet! In other words, let’s grab some leftover yarn and let’s start!

Rainbow Applique Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about the free pattern and the photos are here. More info on raverly is here.

PHOTOS by Cecilia Fameli  / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on ohlalana.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Crochet Flower Applique Free Pattern

"Crochet Flower Appliques are perfect to crochet if you are wanting to use any leftover yarn and they can be done in any weight yarn too so all you need to do is grab your yarn and corresponding hook and follow this easy crochet pattern! I made my Crochet Flower Appliques with cotton yarn but like i said above you can use any yarn in any color, these are great to sew on to a bag or a hat or you could even make a a hairband, hair clip or even a brooch, the list is actually endless and they are so quick to do."Crochet Flower Applique Free Pattern

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Camping Applique

  • Designed by GoldenLucyCrafts.com

These cute appliques will make such great embellishments for any camping or adventure theme items, like blankets, hats, backpacks and so on! It’s a great pattern to start your crocheting adventure with!

Camping Applique

PHOTOS by GoldenLucyCrafts.com / Ravelry.com

Find this free pattern on goldenlucycrafts.com, or check out more on its Ravelry page here.

Three Tiny Crochet Cactus Patterns (All Free)

The next three crochet cactus patterns in this round up might look a little familiar. After all, these are the same three cacti that we saw above—an armless young saguaro, a prickly pear, and a barrel cactus. However, the crochet patterns are completely different.

These crochet patterns are tiny. These are particularly great if you want to:

  • Quickly complete an instant gratification project or last minute gift
  • Use up small bundles of yarn, especially if you have green in your stash
  • Want to make a cactus keychain or magnet

Although they are small, these crochet cactus patterns pack a big punch. In addition to single crochet, you'll get the opportunity to use double crochet. Plus you'll get to use both sc and dc post stitches. Not to mention, the added flower on top of each little crochet cactus is the perfect pop of color.Three Tiny Crochet Cactus Patterns (All Free)

Three Tiny Crochet Cactus Patterns (All Free)