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Kids Ribbed Hat

Kids Ribbed HatFor this free crochet pattern i used blohdc stitch, if you are a beginner you are probably wondering what the heck is a blohdc? Well it stands for back loop only half double crochet, so all those hdc’s you have been practicing will come in handy for this pattern. To explain the back loop only bit better is if you do a crochet stitch like a hdc or a dc then you face the top of the stitch like looking bird’s eye view,on top of the stitch you will see two loops a front one which is closest to you and a back one and when you go to work a stitch on top of the stitch you made you will go under the back loop of it which is the one furthest away and it's really that easy!

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Crochet Kids Slippers Worked Flat

Crochet Kids Slippers Worked FlatThe crochet child slippers is the child version of the pompom baby booties. This bootie has a ribbed cuff detailing that gives your child's legs extra warmth during the winter months. With this pattern, you can make your kids adorable slippers just working in rows and it's more convenient and faster than working in the round and you can be sure that your slippers will come out the same size. Heck Yeah! You won't have to make a third one just to have two match up!

Knit Look Crochet Ribbed Hat

The Yo-slst is a very unique stitch, the gives a crochet item a knit-look. The items looks like it has been knitted with the fisherman rib stitch. This hat is no exemption. This post contains the written instructions for this knit look hat in size 0-6 months to help keep your baby warm and cozy. It is very beginner friendly and it is a very easy pattern. I hope you enjoy making the pattern. Happy crocheting!Knit Look Crochet Ribbed Hat

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Stitching Crochet Gents Sweaters Pullover

Stitching Crochet Gents Sweaters PulloverWe are making today a sweater pullover gents the project I am telling u about my new pattern for gents, boys. We are making size for the 5-6 years old. This pattern we are working normal DK weight 4ply yarn, it is used for any gauge. In this item we are using one of the beautiful colours for boy's gent's pattern; I think it is the best colour for It's very easy to work, now a days winter season going I think it's the best super easy idea fI will and do the pattern in my easy way to explain in details about the pattern first I made the back side and then the front side easy way to make neck shape, then make sleeves then join. When we completing all my parts separately, then join all the parts into the wrong side sweater and then work for the neckband and border for sleeves and sweater. I am telling you that I am using the crochet needle for the sewing; or you have to choose boys and gents.

Crochet Baby Cardigan

I present my new design of 2018 ,its a baby cardigan with open collar. I try to make my designs as simple as possible.i made this cardigan in grey color. you can make this in different colors .this is classic vintage kind of cardigan.i have used red and white football button to add some can style it and make more lively by adding some crochet appliqué and for the girls you can do put crochet flower or do simple embroidery like lazy daisy can add a pocket on chest for boys and for girls you can add two pockets on both can decorate this cardigan in many ways. this cardigan has 2 button in a row, you can use second button for smaller baby to get him fit and as baby grows you can start using 1st button to fit him well. I made this cardigan for 0-6 month old but after following my tutorial you can make it in bigger sizes as well. this cardigan is worked in parts and then sew them together.i have used dark grey color in dk weight yarn with 3 mm crochet have to make back, left and right front and 2 sleeves . design is very simple, I used double crochet.Crochet Baby Cardigan

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Crochet Hat

This is very cute little hat.this pattern is for 4 sizes, from newborn to 3 year can make it in various colors. I have use dk(double knitting) yarn for this project, you will need 4.5 mm crochet hook. you can make this hat easily .it is a quick project you can make it in less than 1 hour. half double crochet is used to make this hat, stitches are close by with no holes and for edging front and back post is used.Crochet Hat

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