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Fox Pillow

Here’s a super quick project using Bernat Blanket yarn for the kiddos in your life. What’s cuter than a Fox Pillow to snuggle up with or open him up and lie your head on?! I used a 12”x22” pillow form (or you could opt to use Polyfil). For the face, I used a small amount of Polyfil. With the basis of my pattern, you can change up your yarn color and make virtually any animal you would like. My two youngest grandsons really love this fox - only problem is, though, is that they want to ride him like a

Fox Pillow 

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Short Sleeve Dress In the Form A OR Campana

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I love how ethereal this dress looks like! What’s more, it is so quick and simple to crochet! Amazing dress for a Christening or a baby shower. Gift it to your expecting friends, they’ll love it!

Short Sleeve Dress In the Form A OR Campana


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Cute Baby And Toddler Hooded Bunny Capelet

"The Hooded Bunny Capelet is an adorable accessory that's sure to keep your little one’s head warm and cozy! It features a sweet lace frill around the edges. Your baby or toddler will look absolutely precious! Two bunny ears are added on for extra cuteness, though you can opt out for a lighter headwear. There is minimal sewing as the hood and capelet are done in one piece, with bunny rabbit ears crocheted separately and sewn on. This capelet is easy to put on and wear, and is the perfect clothing accessory for the stylish, little trendsetter in your life."Cute Baby And Toddler Hooded Bunny Capelet

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Boy's Shawl-Collared Sweater Free Crochet Pattern

I’m definitely in the fall mood and love it when it starts to cool off – that’s when I get really excited for the hooks and needles to come out.  (Not that I ever put them away… but I’m not as motivated to work with yarn when it’s hot.  I wish I was!)  One of my favorite items to design is sweaters.  I love making sweaters.  I know a lot of people hate them because of the finishing, but I even enjoy the finishing part.  Granted, when I’m making an adult sweater I sometimes find myself griping about how long it takes, so I focus a lot on making baby and child sweaters.  This one fits my youngest son and he graciously modeled it for me (even though it was almost 90 degrees that day!).  I love it and can’t wait for it to be cool enough for him to wear it to school.Boy's Shawl-Collared Sweater Free Crochet Pattern

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Crochet Baby Cardigan

I present my new design of 2018 ,its a baby cardigan with open collar. I try to make my designs as simple as possible.i made this cardigan in grey color. you can make this in different colors .this is classic vintage kind of cardigan.i have used red and white football button to add some can style it and make more lively by adding some crochet appliqué and for the girls you can do put crochet flower or do simple embroidery like lazy daisy can add a pocket on chest for boys and for girls you can add two pockets on both can decorate this cardigan in many ways. this cardigan has 2 button in a row, you can use second button for smaller baby to get him fit and as baby grows you can start using 1st button to fit him well. I made this cardigan for 0-6 month old but after following my tutorial you can make it in bigger sizes as well. this cardigan is worked in parts and then sew them together.i have used dark grey color in dk weight yarn with 3 mm crochet have to make back, left and right front and 2 sleeves . design is very simple, I used double crochet.Crochet Baby Cardigan

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Snuggle Bug Cocoon

As you might have noticed, many (although not all) baby cocoon patterns include the sleep sack portion as well as a matching hat. The idea is to keep baby warm from head to toe. However, there are ways of doing that without creating a separate hat. This simple free crochet sleep sack pattern is designed so that the top can be pulled up like a hood around the baby. Snuggle Bug Cocoon

Snuggle Bug Cocoon by Ashley Designs Corner