Free Crochet Pattern

Lockdown Blanket Free Pattern

The more colors, the merrier and more cheerful! When it’s cold and grey outside, it’s great to make a sunny blanket, because it will make you feel a bit better. The blankie on the pictures below was made by Potter & Bloom and it’s a super bright and cheery project, that will keep your mind off things. What’s more, you can make it in no time!

Hexi Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Take a look at this gorgeous, hexagon blanket by Emily Bolduan! It’s such a gorgeous blanket, isn’t it? What’s more, you can make it in any colors combination, and it will still look amazing. So it’s a great blanket for new crocheters that mastered granny squares already and want to take their projects to the next level. The finished size of this blanket is 63cm x 77cm, however you can easily make it bigger.

Ahavah Baby Blanket

This amazing baby blanket is made with three sections and that’s why the texture is so amazing! Miroslava Mihalkova really outdid herself with this one, right? I absolutely love this blanket. What’s more, you can make it with yarn scarps and in no time at all. The finished size is 70 cm x 71 cm (approx. 28 x 28.5 in).

Ripple blanket

This lovely ripple blanket by Teresa Wakefield is a super cute project, that you can do in literally no time at all. It not only works up very fast, but also is a super warm and very comfy blankie for your baby. Remember to gift it to your expecting friends, they will love it, just adjust the colors to their preferences.