Free Crochet Patterns

Crochet Mini Tote

"This crochet pattern is for a mini tote bag. Perfect and stylish. This free pattern is easy to follow with photos to guide

Cosmo Bag

"This is a cheerful and fun bag that is a great exploration in colorwork. Choose 5 colors of yarn and mix and match them

Happy Hook Case

"The Happy Hook Case is a versatile pouch for organizing and protecting crochet hooks, pencils, glasses, and more! It is a

Taryn Soap Cozy

"This Taryn Soap Cozy is an easy tunisian crochet project perfect for pampering yourself, or gifting with a handmade bar of

Maya Purse

Lastly, w have another alternative to the drawstring bag purse, also design based on the Maya Purse and made by Chaor.Creator.

Mosaic Zig Zag Bag

"This Mosaic Zig Zag Bag is a fun and practical little pouch to store items. You can use it for pencils, crochet hooks, make

Origami Bag

"This free crochet pattern is for an origami bag. This pattern is made from a folded rectangle using the thermal stitch and