Free Crochet Pattern

Back-Country Beanie Free Pattern

These absolutely adorable and super chunky beanies by Ashley Edmonds will definitely make you ready for these upcoming cold and windy days. As you can see on the pictures below, these hats come in different sizes (toddler, child, adult, large adult), so you can make matching ones for all your family!

Marci Tunisian Hat Free Pattern

This lovely Tunisian hat requires only two stitches, which are:  the Tunisian Knit & Purl stitches! By combining these two you will get a very fun, textured effect that will feel really nice on your head. It’s worked from the bottom up and it’s worked flat in rows. don’t forget to change the colors!

Iris Beanie Free Pattern

I love how the colors are beautifully transitioning into one another in this fun Iris beanie by Megan Meyer. Check it out on the pictures below, isn’t it gorgeous? It’s the ideal amount of cozy and lacy. What’s more, you can make it really fast and you only need basic stitches to crochet it.

Rustic Diamond Hat Free Pattern

Take a look at this gorgeous, orange beanie by Tamara Kelly! It’s a very rustic hat, that you can whip up in very little time with yarn scraps. You can easily customize it not only by choosing your favorite color, but also by changing the amount of slouch! It comes in two sizes: teen (22”) and adult (24”).