Free Crochet Pattern

Vega textured

This Vega doily by Irina Maleeva is almost the same as the one above in yellow version. I say almost, because the one in this beautiful shade of green on the pictures below is much more textured. So if you’re looking for such a doily, make sure to check out this pattern! What’s more, the finished size is 25 cm (10″).

Modern Mountain Throw Blanket

Feel free to cosy up with this chunky, squishy throw by Jessica Reeves Potasz. First of all, it’s made with two modern stitches, that come together and create a classic, timeless blanket with a very nice in touch texture. What’s more, it looks amazing in any space and the finished size is 36.5” X 40” (lapghan) and 44” X 56” (afghan).

Extreme Knitted Blanket

If you’re looking for something that’s stunning and eye-catching, this Extreme Knitted Blanket is perfect for you. It looks impressive, it’s made of big and thick yarn and is super warm and soft, is there anything better? I’m sure that blanket like this will look amazing in every house, so it must be in yours! I hope you like it!

Singing Christmas bear

Aren’t you just excited for Christmas? Because I absolutely can’t wait for the celebration and caroling. So let’s take a look at this sweet amigurumi bear on the pictures below! He’s already started caroling early, let’s join him! What’s more, I’m pretty sure your family will love this little bear as a tiny gift.

Snow Much Fun! Big Snowman

Winter would’t be complete without building a snowman, right? I mean, just take a look at these cuties by StringyDingDing on the pictures below! They are totally ready for winter and Christmas celebration, so make sure to invite them to your home as soon as you can! What’s more, this pattern works up very fast, so you can have your snowmen in to time!

Gingerbread Man

These adorable little gingerbread men on the pictures below were made by StringyDingDing and you can almost smell the Christmas spices! This sweet Amigurumi is worked in rows – first you start with making 2 feet and connecting them. Then you work them into the body, head and arms. Don’t forget to add some buttons!

Hat Christmas Ornament

Christmas is coming, so now is the perfect time to make some sweet decorations, that will last you forever. What’s more, these sweet hats are eco friendly and you can reuse them countless times. The pattern works up very fast, so you’ll be able to make a bunch of these in very little time

Lennie the little snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Now you can do it even if you don’t live in an area where there’s snow. Take a look at this sweet little amigurumi snowman by Janina Petersen. It’s such a cute little fellow! You can make a bunch of these in just one evening and gift them to your kiddos or any children in need. What’s more, the finished size is 18 cm.