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Skylar Ribbed Crop Top Free Crochet Pattern

Continuing the halter & crop top extravaganza, this top is designed by  Grace Forthefrills and is a super easy pattern perfect for a newbie. It uses sing only half double crochets, and consequently this easy crochet camisole works up quickly and is easily customizable to fit any size or body type. Although it is great and popular among teens and young women, it can be easily adapted for kids. There are alteration instructions if you prefer longer tank tops over crop tops

Skylar Ribbed Crop Top Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about this pattern is here:

Skylar Ribbed Crop Top

more info about Herbtere’s project here.

The Genesis Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern

The genesis summer kimono cardigan has a richly varied structure. Also, its beautiful color bands highlight the alternating voids and denser stitches. Overall, it’s a beautiful, casual and playful cardi for everyday.

Alright you guy's, it's happening. I finally decided I would share one of my favorites (and most requested) patterns. The Genesis Cardigan!

Crochet Octopus Free Pattern

This free crochet octopus pattern was recommended in a Martha Stewart article about how these plush toys help preemies. The pattern is available in both US and UK crochet terms. This toy uses crochet eyes so you don't have to worry about safety eyes. Note that there aren't specific instructions for personalizing the octopus with accessories, but you can get some great inspiration from the photos.Crochet Octopus Free Pattern

Octopus for a Preemie from My Nomad Home