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Drop in the Pond Blanket

Finally, here is the he Drop in the Pond geometric blanket, a wonderful pattern that uses geometric bands of colors to delineate zigzag designs. To summarize, this will be a great classic design for a rustic interior.

Drop in the Pond Blanket 
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Drop in the Pond

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Diamond Pond Afghan

This Diamond Pond Afghan is a beautiful diamond centered ripple afghan. This blanket is a great project to make for yourself or someone you know. Use worsted weight yarn and a size I crochet hook to complete this crochet afghan pattern.Diamond Pond Afghan

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ZigZag Crochet Blanket Pattern

Crochet designer Amanda Perkins has terrific talent when it comes to combining shapes and colors to create the coziest of blankets. This one, for sale through Ravelry, is a colorful zigzag built from crochet triangles. This is a variation on the chevron stripes shown above, made in a much more unique way. Tackling this pattern is an exciting challenge.ZigZag Crochet Blanket Pattern

ZigZag Crochet Blanket from Amanda Perkins

Easy Crochet Rustic Throw Pattern

Decorate your home with this Easy Crochet Rustic Throw Pattern. This free crochet afghan pattern is perfect for inspiring a country-themed interior home design or complementing any brown color scheme. With alternating colors combined with the modern granny stitch, this project will be an eye-catching piece in any room! You can use it as a decoration, a blanket, or even a wedding gift too! There is no doubt that this gorgeous pattern will look great however you choose to use it. Find out how easy this free crochet throw pattern is to make and let this project be part of your home!Easy Crochet Rustic Throw Pattern

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Crochet Rustic Country Blanket

"This crochet rustic country blanket is a great project to work on while you are staying home. I am staying home and glad to have my yarn stash. It is easy to go shopping in your own yarn to pick out a few skeins to make a blanket. If you look closely at the rows of color used in this throw, you will see that some are wider than others. This was the design plan from the beginning. The pattern starts out with 4 rows of bone colored yarn, then 3 rows of light country blue yarn, and the bone color yarn completes the set with 2 rows. In keeping with the color changes at rows 4, 3, and 2. The next color would be 4 rows of light country blue, and so on. As you can see, this lends itself well to a modern country chic blanket."Crochet Rustic Country Blanket

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