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Frozen Pond Blanket

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Frozen Pond BlanketFrozen Pond Blanket

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Drop in the Pond Blanket

Finally, here is the he Drop in the Pond geometric blanket, a wonderful pattern that uses geometric bands of colors to delineate zigzag designs. To summarize, this will be a great classic design for a rustic interior.

Drop in the Pond Blanket

Frog Pond Baby Blanket

Frog Pond Baby BlanketFun and colorful baby blanket inspired by a little frog pond near my home.. A simple shell and chain pattern is set off by the wonderful colors used in this project!

Diamond Pond Afghan

Diamond Pond AfghanThis Diamond Pond Afghan is a beautiful diamond centered ripple afghan. This blanket is a great project to make for yourself or someone you know. Use worsted weight yarn and a size I crochet hook to complete this crochet afghan pattern.

Frozen Hearts Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Frozen Hearts Baby Blanket Free Crochet PatternI am really happy how the Frozen Hearts Baby Blanket turned out! At first, I wasn’t sure if I can create tiny little hearts using the pointy crocodile stitch, especially because I used shades of blue instead of red, but I think the final result is beautiful. I hope you think the same too! You can use red to make the little hearts, I chose blue because I think it looks cool as a winter baby blanket. I also think this blanket will look gorgeous in shades of yellow.

Fishing Net Blanket

A day on the water always sounds like fun but if you can't get to the water you could also create a water scene with the Fishing Net Blanket. This blanket is a super quick fun photography prop to make. It could be used for a pond, beach, fishing and water theme you could thick of. This prop is also simple to make, if you can chain and double crochet, then you can whip up the Fishing Net Blanket is no time and be using as a prop, you could even use it in the nursery theme.

Fishing Net Blanket