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Dainty Cross Bookmark

If you are looking for a more religious crochet easter patterns, this one will be right up your alley. Elegant crosses can be used as bookmarks, or hung on the wall in a visible spot. Such elegant easter decoration will be a cherished handmade item, and your guest will most likely admire your craft.

Dainty Cross Bookmark
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Book Rat Bookmark

To begin with, here is a classic rat-themed animal bookmark. Without a doubt, these are perennial favorites that will be loved by all.Book Rat Bookmark

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Rat Bookmark

More info about Adente’s project you can find on Ravelry.

Giraffe Bookmark

Although unusual, this animal bookmark is an almost obvious choice. After all, the giraffe’s long, thin neck is a no-brainer for transforming into the bookmark’s ribbon.Giraffe Bookmark

The full tutorial about this pattern you will find on Heart Hook Home blog:

Giraffe Bookmark

Books Bookmark

Who doesn’t love books? Better than books, crochet and books! This fun bookmark is a great tapestry pattern that you can make over and over for quick gifts for friends and family. This design is easy to follow and you can customize a bunch, you may never make two bookmarks the same! You may sell all finished products made from this pattern; however you may not share, sell, or distribute this pattern in any way, in whole or in part. I would greatly appreciate a link back to my shop or this pattern anytime you sell this item online.Books Bookmark

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