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Beginner Crochet Campfire Blanket Pattern

This Campfire Blanket Crochet Throw is a great beginner-friendly blanket that is perfect for keeping warm on cool evenings. This pattern is accessible to new crocheters, but the resulting blanket is greater than the sum of its parts.

Beginner Crochet Campfire Blanket Pattern

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African Flower Blanket

Based on African flower square, this blanket is without a doubt one of the nicest, and at the same time simplest African flower patterns. Overall, it can be described as African flower meets granny squares, and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.African Flower Blanket

The full tutorial about African Flower square you will find on Made In K-Town blog:

African Flower Square Tutorial

More info about Katyanovikova’s project you can find on Ravelry.

Golden Waves Throw Free Crochet Pattern

Who doesn't love the feeling of curling up with a cup of coffee or tea during a chilly morning? Add a book and this beautiful throw to complete the scene, and you will be all set. This Golden Waves Throw Free Crochet Pattern is intricate and sophisticated. It is amazingly reversible, looking the same on both sides. It's easy to customize. To make a wider throw, add more chains to the beginning chain for each additional column of “waves” desired. Similarly, to make a narrower throw, subtract chains from the beginning chain. You can use use any color you want for this throw. You'll love the cushy coziness of this one color throw. Thanks Marianne Forrestal from Red Heart for sharing the wonderful free crochet pattern.The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting.

Golden Waves Throw Free Crochet Pattern

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Golden Waves Throw

Mountain Hideaway Throw

Crochet this loop stitch chevron throw which is just the right size for keeping warm while curled up on the sofa. Perfect for intermediate crocheters or confident beginners looking for an interesting, textured crochet blanket project. This pattern uses a worsted weight yarn held double to make a warm, snuggly throw. The use of one colour throughout the project makes for a modern look while the stripes of crochet loop stitches add a hint of retro vintage. The yarn chosen is a wool / acrylic mix and is inexpensive but beautifully soft and cosy."Mountain Hideaway Throw

Click here for the crochet pattern

Modern Baroque Design Crochet Throw

Easily create this Modern Baroque Design Crochet Throw. Pair the intricate yarn colors with a textured crochet stitch for a beautiful ornate looking throw. If you love modern baroque interior designs and style, this blanket will fit in your home decor nicely. This crochet blanket pattern will be a treasured heirloom for years to come. Use two versions of the v stitch to achieve a beautiful look and feel. This pattern is a four-row repeat to create the luxurious crochet pattern. Each row is starts with a Chainless starting stitch. For instance, use the Chainless Double Crochet rather than a Chain 3. Use the Chainless Single Crochet rather than a Chain 1. Use Stitch Markers after each four-row repeat. This will help be able to tell what row pattern you are on when you pick your work back up. Special Stitches Used V Stitch: (DC, CH 1, DC) into the same stitch 2 DC - V Stitch: (2 DC, CH 1, 2 DC) into the same stitch.Modern Baroque Design Crochet Throw

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Plum Perfect Crochet Throw

"Make this eye-catching filet crochet throw blanket in just a week! Bold purple and crisp white worsted weight yarn in double crochet stitches! This crochet throw is a breeze to make for any level of crocheter! Add a touch of bold color to your sofa or recliner! This crochet throw blanket is made lengthwise instead of width-wise and even though it's just double crochets, it is a little heavy. Perfect for the lap on a cool night!"Plum Perfect Crochet Throw

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