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Herringbone Crochet Backpack Pattern

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This Herringbone Backpack is simplicity itself. This textured crochet backpack pattern is modern, easy and stylish. Made from just two matching rectangles seamed together, the real magic happens when you attach the straps and clasp to transform it into a stunning and useful accessory!

Herringbone Crochet Backpack Pattern

Get the Pattern by Han Jan Crochet here

Modern Crochet Backpack Pattern

A high-fashion look, trendy backpack straps and a classic crochet design - this Modern Crochet Backpack Pattern has it al! This backpack is a perfect size because it's big enough to hold all your essentials and a few extra things, and it's super trendy with the chain backpack straps that can be worn in a variety of ways.

Modern Crochet Backpack Pattern

Rainy-sunny Coin Purse

"This Crochet Rainy-Sunny Coin Purse was really pure crochet fun. When I started crocheting it, the plan was to attach it to a little bag clasp. However, after a few rows, I realized it was turning out way too big for the clasp. For a while, I totally abandoned this failed project. Then, on a cloudy and rainy day, both meteorologically and psychologically for me, I picked it up again and turned it into something completely different. The day stayed cloudy but my mood definitely improved! I hope this little crochet project will bring some sun into your day as well."Rainy-sunny Coin Purse

Click here for the crochet pattern

Mary Poppins Inspired Magic Crochet Bag

If you're wondering where Mary Poppins got her magic bag, this free purse pattern is the answer. The Mary Poppins Inspired Magic Crochet Bag harnesses the magic of T-shirt yarn combined with mesh styling to allow the bag to stretch out to accommodate a smorgasbord of items for those days when you can't get to the car without packing half your house with you.

When you only have a few essentials, though, it still stays cute and perky. The single flower at the bottom gives the whole piece a fresh, vibrant pop, and the color combinations are limitless. This is also one of the best beginner crochet patterns because it only uses two stitches: chain and single.Mary Poppins Inspired Magic Crochet Bag

How to Make Granny Straps

Learn how to make granny straps with this free crochet pattern. There are charts, images, graphs and even videos for you to watch and learn how to make these cute straps. Design your bag with some great granny straps. This free crochet pattern could even be used as a chunky necklace or bracelet. The possibilities are endless; use your imagination.

How to Make Granny Straps

Wheatsheaf Crochet Backpack: Easy Pattern With Video Tutorials

THE WHEATSHEAF BACKPACK CROCHET PATTERN IS EASILY WORKED WITH BASIC AND SHELL STITCHES TO CREATE A MODERN AND FUN ACCESSORY! This pattern is worked in joined rounds using basic stitches, including the Chain, Single, Double, Slip, and Shell stitches! The Wheatsheaf Backpack was created as a special bonus for the ACA Crochet Membership, featured as the February 2022 Mystery CAL Challenge! It's a great pattern because: Tote bags are quick and easy projects to work up - especially when you follow our video tutorials for each part! You can use yarn you already have in your stash! This project works great with cotton yarns, plant-based fibers, or acrylics! You'll get to practice a lot of crochet skills: joined rounds, stitch tension, gauge and size, Shells, textured and fun stitch repeats, finishing techniques and more!Wheatsheaf Crochet Backpack: Easy Pattern With Video Tutorials