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Mary Poppins Inspired Magic Crochet Bag

If you're wondering where Mary Poppins got her magic bag, this free purse pattern is the answer. The Mary Poppins Inspired Magic Crochet Bag harnesses the magic of T-shirt yarn combined with mesh styling to allow the bag to stretch out to accommodate a smorgasbord of items for those days when you can't get to the car without packing half your house with you.

When you only have a few essentials, though, it still stays cute and perky. The single flower at the bottom gives the whole piece a fresh, vibrant pop, and the color combinations are limitless. This is also one of the best beginner crochet patterns because it only uses two stitches: chain and single.Mary Poppins Inspired Magic Crochet Bag

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Large Crochet Mesh Market Bag

"This large crochet mesh market bag is one of my favorite projects. It is so fun to make, and it feels good being eco-friendly bringing my own bag to carry items. Crochet Sturdy Mesh Tote This crochet tote is made from just one yarn cake! I used cotton string fingering yarn to crochet this lightweight mesh bag. It is pretty and it folds up to stash in a handy place. This one-piece crochet bag design is a semi-circle that increases with each row that is added. The crochet stitches used in this pattern are the double crochet stitch and the puff stitch."Large Crochet Mesh Market Bag

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Paliki Pocket Tote

Paliki means “small” in Hungarian (or so I’m told). And this pocket tote is small, but sturdy - perfect for when you need a bag that won’t stretch out, keeping your farmer’s market purchases safe and protected! A great addition to your usual assortment of bags, the Paliki Pocket Tote is the one that’s “just right” for all those small special items! Wondering what a “pocket tote” is? It’s a tote that folds up into itself, perfect for stashing in your purse or car so you always have it when you need it. This one also features a pretty ribbon woven through the handle. That’s not just for looks - the ribbon keeps the handle from stretching out due to the weight of your goodies. And the double layer on the bottom adds even more stability to this handy crochet bag!

Paliki Pocket Tote

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T-Shirt Yarn Free Crochet Bag Crochet Pattern

If you are new to t-shirt yarn and are looking for a super effective stylish project, then T-Shirt Yarn Free Crochet Bag Crochet Patterns are perfect. They got such a great weight and texture. The first crochet bag is made with two colors of t-shirt yarn and has faux leather handles. They both works up really quickly. You will fall in love with t-shirt yarn while making this project and can’t wait to try making something else with it down the road.T-Shirt Yarn Free Crochet Bag Crochet Pattern

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Mirjana Zpagetti bag

Pop Tab Tote

Finished size of this tote is: 9-1/2" X 11-1/2". It was made using Bernat Baby Sport yarn and size F crochet hook. You will also need 256 pop tabs. (160 pop tabs for the tote and 96 pop tabs for the tote's handles.) The pop tabs are threaded onto the yarn and then crochet into the motif as you work. Each motif is joined as you so to make it a fairly fast project. The sides and bottom are then crochet and sewn onto the tot'es front and back to complete the project.Pop Tab ToteClick here for free crochet pattern

Half Skein Purse

If you have half a skein of yarn, that's all you need to complete this homemade crochet bag. This Half Skein Purse is an easy crochet bag pattern to make for girls of any age. Purses with short straps like this are nice to use because your bag stays close and safe to your body while also leaving your hands free for doing other things like shopping and chatting on your cell phone. A cute button adds the perfect finishing touch.Half Skein Purse

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