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Crochet Unicorn Headband Pattern

Now you can become a mystical, magical unicorn when you're wearing this crochet unicorn headband. Cradled with handmade wildflowers, this crochet unicorn headband is sure to please lovers of fabulous headgear and magic alike!

Crochet Unicorn Headband Pattern

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Unicorn Hat

This pattern has been sought by many crochet lovers. Finally! Here it is: the Unicorn Beanie. It has it all: a funny appearance, the ever popular unicorn motif, and an eye-catching pattern. Additionally, it is very easy to make. A few colors have been used to make the mane and it was created from RedHeart Supersaver yarns. Fell free to pick your own shades as well, so long as the yarn is medium weight.Unicorn Hat

photos by Yolanda Soto-Lopez /

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Crochet Cable Headband Pattern

What's so great about this headband crochet pattern is the fact that it is crocheted in bulky yarn, that means you know it's going to keep you warm.

That also means you’re going to love using this headband throughout fall and winter. This headband pattern offers beautiful stitch details with the lovely crochet cables!

Crochet Cable Headband Pattern

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Stillwater Shell Stitch Crochet Headband

"The Stillwater Shell Stitch Crochet Headband is a gorgeous and feminine ear warmer that's great for your own wardrobe and for giving as a gift. This easy shell stich headband is made by just working a long rectangle then sewing it together. You'll be working in rows across the width of the headband which allows you to easily adjust the length and it keeps it nice and stretchy! The headband is wide like an ear warmer which works great for children all the way to adults."Stillwater Shell Stitch Crochet Headband

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