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Gracelyn Crochet Makeup Bag Pattern

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This little bag is perfect for make-up and accessories and adds an adorable finishing touch to any decor. Perfect for a counter top making your favorite items easy to get to and neatly hidden away!

Gracelyn Crochet Makeup Bag Pattern

Get the Pattern by Twisted Knot Crochet here

Crochet Drawstring Makeup Bag

Crochet Drawstring Makeup BagKeep your makeup items in a well-organized form with this crochet bag. Create this bag effortlessly with a free pattern to hold all your makeup stuff stylishly. For this, use Fair Isle Sutton yarn in beach color. Moreover, use a 6.00mm crochet hook in J size for this project. This bag pattern also involves simple stitches. Therefore, it's easier for beginners to work on this crochet makeup bag.

Spike Stitch Makeup Bag

The Spike Stitch Makeup Bag is a great way to stylishly stash all your small goodies. You can use this brightly colored crochet pattern to hold your makeup, keys, loose change, or even your crafting essentials. The bag is extremely easy to keep clean, because it is worked in cotton. Feel free to repeatedly toss it into the washing machine and dryer without thinking twice. The easy crochet bag features the spike stitch, so this is a great way to try out a new technique. The pattern also has a drawstring and a sturdy design, so you can cinch the top of the bag to make sure all your belongings remain safely insideSpike Stitch Makeup Bag

Love Knot Market Bag

"Craft your way to sustainable living with this reusable crochet market bag. This sturdy market bag is roomy enough for grocery shopping, trips to the beach, or, of course, yarn! Use a cotton yarn for maximum durability :-) This market bag is crocheted using the Love Knot (also known as Solomon’s Knot or the Lover’s Knot), and don't worry if this is a new stitch for you - the pattern includes a full photo and video tutorial."Love Knot Market Bag

Click here for the crochet pattern

Drawstring Makeup Bag Crochet Pattern

This Crochet Drawstring Makeup Bag is quick to work up with size 5 yarn and simple, increasing rounds. It makes a cute and stylish way to pack makeup for travel, or just store in the bathroom. It is very functional, while also doubling as a decorative piece.

Drawstring Makeup Bag Crochet Pattern

Granny Square Knot Bag Crochet Pattern

A beautiful traditional granny squares bag in a Japanese knot style. This bag is unique, stylish and can be made with any of your favorite worsted yarn, preferably cotton. This easy crochet purse pattern is the perfect project for an advanced beginner.

The body of this bag is made by joining two panels and the panels are made by joining granny squares motifs. This bag is nicely finished with two dense handles using the same stitch used in the body to keep the flow of the pattern.

Granny Square Knot Bag Crochet Pattern