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Crochet Wicker Weave Makeup Bag Pattern

This Wicker Weave Clutch is constructed from a beautifully textured stitch that looks like woven wicker when complete. This is perfect for use as a make-up bag or for stowing all those small items that float around inside your purse. It's also large enough to hold a wallet and cell phone in addition to a few other items, so you can use it as a clutch when you want to travel light.

Crochet Wicker Weave Makeup Bag Pattern

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Crochet Drawstring Makeup Bag

Keep your makeup items in a well-organized form with this crochet bag. Create this bag effortlessly with a free pattern to hold all your makeup stuff stylishly. For this, use Fair Isle Sutton yarn in beach color. Moreover, use a 6.00mm crochet hook in J size for this project. This bag pattern also involves simple stitches. Therefore, it's easier for beginners to work on this crochet makeup bag. caabcrochetCrochet Drawstring Makeup Bag

Cell Phone Clip Case

I designed the cell phone clip case for a friend who has to have her phone with her at work. Part pattern and part tutorial, the instructions will teach you how to make a custom size case to carry your phone. The case can be clipped to your waist band or you could even clip it to the edge of your purse. No more losing your phone! The pattern consists of all easy to crochet rectangles, with instructions for sizing and attaching everything together.

Cell Phone Clip Case

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Spike Stitch Makeup Bag

The Spike Stitch Makeup Bag is a great way to stylishly stash all your small goodies. You can use this brightly colored crochet pattern to hold your makeup, keys, loose change, or even your crafting essentials. The bag is extremely easy to keep clean, because it is worked in cotton. Feel free to repeatedly toss it into the washing machine and dryer without thinking twice. The easy crochet bag features the spike stitch, so this is a great way to try out a new technique. The pattern also has a drawstring and a sturdy design, so you can cinch the top of the bag to make sure all your belongings remain safely insideSpike Stitch Makeup Bag

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Crochet Ewok Cell Phone Case

Girls love Panda-style phone cases! Create this super adorable and cute EWOK cell phone case with a free pattern. Work according to US crochet terminology with a Bernat super solid yarn to make this stylish phone cover. Additionally, use a 4.25mm crochet hook with a yarn needle to work on this project. You also require a black button to lock the case for phone safety. Ravelry

Crochet Ewok Cell Phone Case

Cell Phone Pouch

"I decided to create a cell phone pouch that not only protects my phone from dirt and possible small damages such as scratches, it also have another purpose. It can be hanged up over a charging plug when connected to an outlet while charging your phone. AWESOME! Furthermore, it has another “hole” on the bottom of the pouch for your headphone jack to be plugged in while still having the pouch on your phone. WHAAAAAT? Which means you can even hang this pouch onto your pants or a belt while hiking and still listen to your music or take phone calls!"Cell Phone Pouch

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