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Sylvia, The Giant Snake Crochet Pattern

Sylvia, The Giant Snake Crochet PatternMeet Sylvia, the Giant Snake. She is super long, super chunky and quick to make. You can wrap her around and around with her floppy body. Sylvia would also make a great draught excluder behind your door.

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Giant Snail Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Giant Snail Amigurumi Crochet PatternWith your very own Giant Snail Amigurumi, you can brighten both skies and smiles! This extra large slime puppy is approximately 10″ tall by 15″ long, and is partially filled at the base with glass gems to add weight and ensure he stands tall at all times.

Your choice of body color shows off fancy frills and is perfectly complimented with the shell and antennas. Though he has no face or limbs to show his love, this cuddly figure is sure to bring joy to your home and draw compliments from everyone who lays eyes on him!

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Necrocia the Zombie Mermaid

Meet Necrocia. She had a fun-loving life and she plans on having a fun-loving afterlife. Missing an arm won't hold her back, and her exposed brains? Consider them a hair accessory. She is spunky and ready to party. Necrocia is a perfect size for a hug. She can bend at the waist to be seated as a lovely Halloween decoration or just be a seasonal cuddle buddy. And what zombie would be complete without Glow-in-the-dark eyes?

Necrocia the Zombie Mermaid

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Giant Octopus Crochet Pattern

Giant Octopus Crochet PatternIf you think that two arms are great for cuddling, just wait until you experience a snuggle buddy with eight! Big, soft, and plushie, this Giant Octopus is crocheted in one piece so no need to sew on all those legs!

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Giant Crochet Jellyfish Pattern

Giant Crochet Jellyfish PatternThis massive jellyfish works up in just a few hours! It measures about 23 inches long and 9 inches wide. Super cute, super soft, super large, and super quick to crochet! This is an excellent gift for people of all ages!

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