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Heirloom Temperature Blanket Crochet Pattern

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Heirloom Temperature Blanket Crochet PatternThis is a mosaic crochet Temperature Blanket documenting the lowest and highest temperatures each day with the option of adding crystal beads.

In doing this, the blanket has become a record not just of the weather patterns, but also a memory of moments in family life, making it a small piece of crocheted history to hand down.

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Mosaic Temperature Blanket Crochet Pattern

Mosaic Temperature Blanket Crochet PatternTemperature blankets are always so cute to make, and exciting too, making us wondering what temperature will be next day, and if it means a change of color or not.

This project uses the mosaic overlay crochet technique to create a unique blanket of your own.

Split Square Temperature Blanket Crochet Pattern

Split Square Temperature Blanket Crochet PatternA temperature blanket is typically one where the placement of the colors is determined by the temperature of a certain location.

For this Split Square Temperature Blanket, both the high and low temperature are tracked. Each square represents a month with each round representing a day.

Adding Up Memories Temperature Blanket Crochet Pattern

Adding Up Memories Temperature Blanket Crochet PatternThis blanket features a 2 toned basic granny square for each temperature range that is then surrounded by the Continuous Flat Braid Join to give the entire blanket an heirloom look.

Temperature Afghan With Reference Card

"Tutorial how to crochet a Temperature Afghan, including tips and tricks, and a printable Temperature Afghan Reference Card that works for crochet and knit alike! Create a year-long blanket one row per day, striped to match the temperature outside your window. You can work in traditional rainbow colors or choose your own contemporary palette. To keep it from becoming too overwhelming, plan your colors in advance with set temperature ranges and work in a simple, short crochet stitch. The pleasure in creating this afghan is in having a project to hook a little at a time each night. No accidentally staying awake past bedtime because you just need to finish one. more. row. No feeling overwhelmed at the size of the project as you begin; you know it will break down into easily worked days. No worry that it won't be finished in time to gift when you already know the end date. And the result is a keepsake anyone will be proud to snuggle under for years to come."Temperature Afghan With Reference Card

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Nya “Infinity” Mosaic Blanket

Next, if you prefer linear rather than concentric gradients, you can make this mesmerizing mosaic blanket. Overall, by using fine patterning and simple stitches this is a much more soothing and less energetic. However, that also has its place. Furthermore, the gentler patterning will also be a much better fit for a greater variety of interiors. In particular, this is especially true for ones where a more energetic pattern would clash.Nya “Infinity” Mosaic Blanket

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