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Deer Crochet Baby Blanket

Deer Crochet Baby BlanketYou might have had to take another look on this blanket because you were intrigued by it’s embossed design. Well, that design is pretty visible even from afar because of the popcorn stitch!

If you want to up your crochet game and make something for your little boy at the same time, this is the crochet baby boy blanket pattern you should try.

Get this Deer Baby Blanket Pattern here

Crochet Woodland Deer Blanket Pattern

When we read that they also have a pattern for an adult-size woodland deer blanket, we knew we had to click the buy button!

Aside from how comfy and cozy this blanket looks, we are amazed by all the details the designer included in this deer blanket. The blanket is intricately done, and all the details are just too cute!

We’re pretty sure everyone will be impressed with how they designed the hood of this deer blanket, but have you seen the back part of it?

They even added a graphed tail and a few deer spots so the blanket won't look too plain when seen from behind.

A cute, comfy, and blanket, what more can you ask

Get the Crochet Woodland Deer Blanket Pattern Here

Crochet Woodland Deer Blanket Pattern

Popcorn Stitch Intermediate Crochet Lapghan Pattern

Feel cozy at home with this Popcorn Stitch Intermediate Crochet Lapghan Pattern. The ocean-inspired color scheme of blue and green yarn colors makes this blanket look cool, and the use of the popcorn stitch will make the blanket feel warm and dense. This is a great project for crocheters looking for a new project, or for those who want to master the popcorn stitch. Easily use this free crochet lapghan pattern to make a decorative lap blanket, or a gorgeous home decoration too. Either way, this crochet lapghan pattern will be a delight to make and a pleasure to enjoy!

Popcorn Stitch Intermediate Crochet Lapghan Pattern

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Simple Rib Blanket Border

"This simple rib crochet blanket border is a great addition to any blanket. It is a very traditional looking border and can be worked on any blanket. Plus, it is an easy one-row repeat pattern. For this blanket, you will simply need an even stitch count around the entire blanket. Ideally, you should already have an even stitch count. Your top and bottom row should have matching stitch counts, your sides rows should have matching stitch counts and you will have four corners. Overall the stitch count should be even. But do not worry, I will show you in the video how to correct the stitch count if it is off for some reason."Simple Rib Blanket Border

Click here for the crochet pattern

Modern Double Crochet V-Stitch Chunky Blanket

This modern double crochet v-stitch chunky blanket is a wedding gift. I have had this Caron One Pound yarn in my stash for a while now. Thought it was time to get something made with it. The blanket had to be large enough to cover a queen sized bed. As you can see from the photo, it is large enough. Not too large though so that one or two people can snuggle under it. Additionally, this had to be warm enough to be the go-to blanket on our cold winter nights. Using two strands of yarn makes this a fun and chunky blanket. It also makes for a very warm blanket. I will miss having this cover me up while crocheting when it is below zero here this week. Brrrr. The double crochet stitch is a quick stitch to master and once the pattern is started, there is really little need to count. For me, this makes for a great crochet pattern to work on while watching movies. I think this is a great beginner stitch once you have mastered the double crochet stitch. It is always easy to see where you need to insert your hook in the previous row.

Modern Double Crochet V-Stitch Chunky Blanket Click here for the crochet pattern

Bubble Burst Blanket

The bubble burst blanket is great fun for children for both playtime and bedtime. It has rows of large bubbles to burst and the blanket border has smaller bubbles the also pop out. The large bubbles are made by making individual squares which are crocheted together during the project (no-sew). The smaller bubbles on the blanket border are made using the popcorn stitch (instructions included). You can make the blanket as small or as big as you like by simply adding or removing squares. Aran/worsted (weight 4) yarn. I used ‘Stylecraft Special Aran’ in the following colours and approximate amounts: Red: 393m/430yd Yellow: 196m/215yd Pink: 196m/215yd Green: 196m/215yd Orange: 196m/215yd Purple: 196m/215yd Blue: 196m/215yd Total: 1568m/1720yd Supplies you will need: - Crochet hook 5mm - Sewing needle - Aran/worsted yarn - Scissors Recommend skill level is easy/intermediate. The pattern is written in USA terminology. You will need to know basic crochet stitches (sc, hdc, dc, tr) as well as the popcorn stitch. Instructions for the popcorn stitch are included. Finished sizes Individual square - L13cm x W13cm Complete blanket: L95cm x W82cm

Bubble Burst Blanket

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