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Simple Rib Blanket Border

Afghans and Blankets

"This simple rib crochet blanket border is a great addition to any blanket. It is a very traditional looking border and can be worked on any blanket. Plus, it is an easy one-row repeat pattern. For this blanket, you will simply need an even stitch count around the entire blanket. Ideally, you should already have an even stitch count. Your top and bottom row should have matching stitch counts, your sides rows should have matching stitch counts and you will have four corners. Overall the stitch count should be even. But do not worry, I will show you in the video how to correct the stitch count if it is off for some reason."Simple Rib Blanket Border

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Loops and Ridges Baby Blanket Free Pattern

"Today I am sharing with you a cute fluffy baby blanket with you all: Loops and Ridges Baby Blanket. This baby blanket has a textured loopy blanket framed by a plain, solid border. The size of the double loop stitch used on the blanket can be adjusted in size and the rib border can be made narrower or thicker. And just to make it easier for you, I also created a full video tutorial that guides you step by step on how to crochet your own Loops and Ridges Baby Blanket. I designed the blanket using DK (light worsted #3) yarn because of the full texture of the blanket, but if you want a thick and warm blanket, you can switch to Aran (worsted #4) yarn."Loops and Ridges Baby Blanket Free Pattern

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Margot Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

"With the Margot Baby Blanket i found a crochet stitch which is actually a filet crochet stitch pattern and then i integrated a border seamlessly so you just crochet the border on both sides of the blanket as you are crocheting along which automatically gives it a finish look, how easy is that! On the top and bottom of the blanket i didn’t put any border on as i actually quite liked it already and felt it didn’t need a border but you can add a border if you wish. This crochet blanket pattern is suitable for a beginner."Margot Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

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Pastel Heaven Baby Blanket

Who doesn't love the feeling of curling up with a cup of coffee or tea during a chilly morning? Add a book and this beautiful camel stitch throw blanket to complete the scene, and you will be all set! This lovely, on-color crochet blanket pattern is intricate and sophisticated. While some people might love to add big and bright pops of color to their home decor, this charming and minimalistic pattern allows you to keep it simple and elegant.Learning this easy crochet stitch will allow you to give your blanket an interesting ribbed appearance to add to the soft, welcoming color of the white yarn. Using bulky yarn instead of a heavier type also prevents an overpowering weight, so it is the perfect throw to keep close during the cool season.Pastel Heaven Baby Blanket

Twilight Haze Blanket

A soft, chunky crochet blanket with big tassels that is ideal for snuggling up in and looks lovely displayed in your home. This simple blanket is crocheted using a two row repeat of easy crochet stitches to create a lovely garter stitch knit-look on one side and a knit-look rib on the other. The yarn chosen for this project is affordable and is offered in a range of gorgeous modern colours. The 80% acrylic 20% wool mix is the perfect combination of softness, warmth and easy care. Perfect for beginners or if you are looking for an easy and modern project.

Twilight Haze Blanket

Crochet Baby Blanket With Easy Border

This gorgeous blue crochet baby blanket is going to be the perfect Thing to crochet this time and make your little feel so much special. The lovely crochet baby blanket has a scalloped border which really adds to the beauty and charm of this lovely crochet baby blanket. You can check out the details here!Crochet Baby Blanket With Easy Border