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The Hudson Afghan

The Hudson AfghanThe Hudson Afghan


Hudson Baby Blanket

"If you get tired or frustrated with creating a blanket in rows and turning the whole things around, you're going to love this pattern. The Hudson blanket is just a bunch of different hexagons in different colors and they're each made separately. It's much faster and easier to whip up a stack of smaller shapes than to work on a large blanket. Once all the hexies were made, all I had to do was seam them all together. That step does take a bit longer, but it's an easy task to do and goes by quickly."Hudson Baby Blanket

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HBC Grey-Scale Inspired Blanket

The Hudson's Bay Company was founded in Canada in the 1600's and still endures today. With its iconic colours (and its more modern, turn of the new millennium, grey-scale) it's "stripe spotting" branding is known worldwide. For my blanket I opted to use the grey-scale as it fits nicely with the colour scheme I plan to use in my little boys room. The pattern would also look wonderful in the vintage HBC colours! Give it a go!!! If you make one please share a picture; I would love to see it!

HBC Grey-Scale Inspired Blanket

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Triple Textures Afghan

Triple Textures AfghanEarlier this year I designed the Triple Textures 12″ Afghan Square for the Moogly 2020 crochet along. During the CAL, several crocheters asked if I could size grade the 12″ afghan square into a crochet blanket.
This is how the Triple Textures Afghan came to be! If you are a visual learner, I have a video tutorial for the Triple Textures 12″ afghan square that you can use for this crochet afghan to help you along the way!

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The Hawthorn Afghan Free Crochet Blanket Pattern a beautiful, cozy, and colorful crochet afghan!

This beautiful blanket incorporates striped, lacy stitches, and chunky tassels, and it will quickly become the favorite blanket in your home.

It combines a bold colorful edging with a pretty hawthorn fan stitch for a look that you will just love.

This Hawthorn Afghan Crochet Pattern makes an easy crochet blanket that looks great draped over a sofa and is wonderful to cozy up under on a cool night too.

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Jagged Scrap Yarn Afghan

Jagged Scrap Yarn AfghanFor this project you will need: HOOK: 5 mm hook or size H hook for the US YARN: All the scrap yarn colors were worsted weight yarn 4 ply US, 10 ply AU Also the Off white color I used in between as well. I was able to get 10 rows of Off white before I had to change to a new skein. I used 2 and a 1/2 skeins of it, but I didn’t make a border. If you wish to, then I would grab a third. I didn’t want to use much of this color because it's a scrap yarn afghan and don't want you to have to go get more yarn. About the color pattern Since this pattern uses scrap yarn, I won't be telling you which colors to use. I used this color wheel to help me organize my color choices. I've never been a fan of the mixed color of scrap yarn afghans so I decided to do mine in a more organized fashion starting with my Maroons, Reds, Oranges, Browns, Yellows, Golds, Greens, Blues, Purples, Pinks and back to the beginning of the color list. Feel free to go with what feels right to you. This Jagged Scrap yarn afghan is made using a stitch I discovered while playing around with yarn. I don't know why all my discovered stitches mostly use two stitches to create and this one is no different. Lol. But other than the butterfly stitch this one is surely the most easiest one to recreate! Let me take you step by step on how to make this stitch so you can use it in making your own scrap yarn afghan to use up some of your left over wool.

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