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The Piper Blanket

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The Piper BlanketThe Piper Blanket

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Buttons Blanket

If you are looking for a fun creative chevron blanket to make, then you must make the Buttons Blanket crochet pattern. This blanket is a super fun blanket to make and it looks very unique and you can customize the blanket anyway you like. This blanket uses simple crochet stitches to work up with a few advanced stitches but don't worry I explain how to work those special stitches. Get ready to get hooked on the Buttons Blanket

Buttons Blanket

Crochet Woodland Deer Blanket Pattern

When we read that they also have a pattern for an adult-size woodland deer blanket, we knew we had to click the buy button!

Aside from how comfy and cozy this blanket looks, we are amazed by all the details the designer included in this deer blanket. The blanket is intricately done, and all the details are just too cute!

We’re pretty sure everyone will be impressed with how they designed the hood of this deer blanket, but have you seen the back part of it?

They even added a graphed tail and a few deer spots so the blanket won't look too plain when seen from behind.

A cute, comfy, and blanket, what more can you askCrochet Woodland Deer Blanket Pattern

Unicorn Bricks Baby Blanket

The Unicorn Bricks Baby Blanket is a knit-look reversible baby blanket featuring two different looks! While on the right side you'll have a lovely brick stitch pattern, on the wrong side you'll get a pretty striped ribbed pattern, similar to knitted Brioche. Don't worry about having to many tails to weave in! There are not! The blanket is worked combining a solid white color yarn with a striped yarn. You will not cut the yarns at the end of the rows, but carry them up from row to row along one side of the blanket. Get your supplies and start working on this gorgeous crochet blanket!Unicorn Bricks Baby Blanket

Crisscross Sherbet Baby Blanket

Crisscross Sherbet Baby BlanketThe Crisscross Sherbet Baby Blanket is a fun beautiful textured blanket to make. This pattern uses simple crochet stitches to make texture. I have a huge love for texture! This blanket is a favorite of mine; the repeat sequences are easy to remember and you can snuggle up with your yarn and hook and make this blanket while watching Netflix. If you need any help with the stitch placement, there is a video tutorial below. Get ready to get hooked on the Crisscross Sherbet Baby Blanket.

Starburst Blanket

Starburst BlanketThe Starburst blanket is a great stash busting project. Get all your scrap yarn together and get started on this blanket. It takes a classic granny square pattern and elevates it with color changes and spike stitches. This pattern has pictures for every row so you are sure to get the pattern right. This pattern is also easy to adapt to different yarn weights, and because you are using granny squares you can choose how big or small you want to make it.